No. 479: "Talking Turkey"
No. 479: "Talking Turkey"
Testing your knowledge of what happened this week
Sept. 19 2000 3:00 AM

No. 479: "Talking Turkey"

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Samuel Johnson's Birthday Extra

Dr. Johnson was born on Sept. 18, 1709. A wonderful, and wonderfully indexed, collection of his brilliant and amusing observations can be found at the Samuel Johnson Sound Bite Page.

Common Denominator

Petroleum, Pokémon.

Randy Cohen used to write Slate's "News Quiz." His most recent book—oh, like you don't know.

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Year of Great Books
Feb. 9 2016 12:57 PM Tristram Shandy Was a Runaway Best-Seller. What Did That Mean in 1760? For one thing authors still had to suck up to famous actors.