No. 476: "Call Me Unacceptable"

No. 476: "Call Me Unacceptable"

No. 476: "Call Me Unacceptable"

Testing your knowledge of what happened this week
Sept. 12 2000 3:00 AM

No. 476: "Call Me Unacceptable"

"I still believe we had to give him one last chance," said Myles Brand. "He failed to live up to that. … His unacceptable behavior not only continued since then but increased." Who engaged in what bad behavior? What did Mr. Brand do then?


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Friday's Question—(No. 475) "Eurekaaaaaahhhhhhhhh….":

When Dr. Arthur Demarest of Vanderbilt University fell into a hole in the jungles of Guatemala, he made an astonishing discovery. "No one has found anything like this since the turn of the last century!" he enthused. "I have a book in press that I'll have to revise." What's the now outdated title of that book?


"The Life and Times of a Tenured Hack Who Discovered Diddly."—BrookeSaucier

"The Permanently Lost Cultural History of Guatemala: Permanently Lost Forever, Never To Be Found. Never Ever. Never."—Charles Star

"Money Down a Rat Hole: My Summer on a Government Grant."—Will Vehrs

"Why Outspoken Feminists Can't Possibly Get Married After Age 60."—Andrew Milner

"Everything I Ever Needed To Know I Learned Without Falling Down a Hole in Guatemala."—L.K. Peterson