No. 475: "Eurekaaaaaahhhhh …"

No. 475: "Eurekaaaaaahhhhh …"

No. 475: "Eurekaaaaaahhhhh …"

Testing your knowledge of what happened this week
Sept. 9 2000 12:00 AM

No. 475: "Eurekaaaaaahhhhh …"

When Dr. Arthur Demarest of Vanderbilt University fell into a hole in the jungles of Guatemala, he made an astonishing discovery. "No one has found anything like this since the turn of the last century!" he enthused. "I have a book in press that I'll have to revise." What's the now outdated title of that book? 


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Wednesday's Question (No. 474)—"Two, Four, Six, Eight …":

The summit meeting of 150 world leaders begins at the United Nations today, and thousands of demonstrators have gathered across the street at Dag Hammarskjöld Plaza for some of the 91 protests for which permits have been granted. Give a slogan shouted in the plaza and who chanted it.

" 'We don't know who most of these world leaders are!'; chanted by Teen-agers for Increased School Funding."—Francis Heaney

" 'We shall understate!'; the girls of Miss Porter's School."—Floyd Elliot

"Mimed aggressively by the Federation of Unemployed Mime Artists (FUMA)."—David Oakes

" 'Extra tickets? Extra tickets?' Except they were more like muttering than shouting, and this was at the U.S. Open rather than the United Nations."—Greg Diamond

" 'We're the word of God, and we've come to say
the Catholics are the ones who know the only way!
If your country's down with the Va-ti-can
then you don't need to worry 'bout your fellow man
You can persecute those other faiths
'cause when it comes down to the judgment they'll be burned away!
It's the pope, John, P-A-U-L
Kiss a ring and eat a wafer or burn in hell!'; the N.Y. Archdiocese JV cheerleading squad."—Kate Wing

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