No. 473: "Motion Slickness"
No. 473: "Motion Slickness"
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Sept. 1 2000 3:00 AM

No. 473: "Motion Slickness"

One moves by pushing itself along. "It's kind of like an accordion," says Dr. Jordon Pollack of Brandeis University. Another "walks something like a crab," says his colleague, Dr. Hod Lipson. What are the doctors describing?


(Schedule note: final summer fun question. Back-to-school quizzing resumes Wednesday.)


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Monday's Question (No. 472)—"Photo Finished":

"This is a very stupid time to do this," said Patricia Schroeder, president of the American Association of Publishers, about efforts to block publication of a book of photographs called The Clinton Years. Who objected to what picture?

"The Chinese government wants to block the book, because a photo of President Jiang Zemin 'makes him look fat.' "—Deborah Wassertzug

"Gen. Barry McCaffery didn't get a chance to review the anti-drug message of a picture of P-Funk All-Stars tokin'."—Anthony Wright

"Al Gore was upset about a picture of Clinton and his staff in uproarious laughter. The caption reads, 'President Clinton suggests running a policy decision by the veep before going public.' "—Brooke Saucier

"See! This is why you should never have video cameras in the delivery room!"—Greg Diamond

"Well, it's a photo of Bill shooting Vince Foster after catching him in bed with Hillary, who can barely find room on the mattress, what with all those Rose Law Firm billing records scattered around them. So, they're all in on it. As usual."—Peter Carlin

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