No. 471: "Fox Networks"

No. 471: "Fox Networks"

No. 471: "Fox Networks"

Testing your knowledge of what happened this week
Aug. 26 2000 12:00 AM

No. 471: "Fox Networks"

Visiting Washington this week, Vicente Fox, Mexico's president-elect, told President Clinton that our countries' relations would improve dramatically if we could eliminate one thing. What?


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Wednesday's Question (No. 470)—"If This Should Fall Into the Wrong Hands …":

"People in the business are suspicious because The Times's formula is guarded like some kind of secret sauce," said one professional, alluding to a popular feature of the New York paper. And now Alan Nevins, one of Mike Ovitz's Myrmidons, may have cracked the code. To what nefarious purpose is he said to have put the Times' secret formula?

"He can do whatever he wants as long as A.M. Rosenthal doesn't come back."—Charlie Glassenberg

"Now the weddings of America's wealthiest, overeducated offspring will be documented in Variety!"—Carson Stanwood

"Excuse me, but according to the stylebook, that should be 'one of Mr. Mike Ovitz's Mr. Myrmidons.' "—Greg Diamond

"He used it to break up Ellen DeGeneres and Anne Heche, the bastard."—Gary Frazier

"Avenging the death of Patroclus, fairest of Argives, is hardly nefarious."—TG Gibbon

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