No. 471: "Fox Networks"

No. 471: "Fox Networks"

Testing your knowledge of what happened this week
Aug. 26 2000 12:00 AM

No. 471: "Fox Networks"

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"Turn Your Bedroom From Skank to Swank in Five Easy Steps."—Gary Drevitch


"Destiny's Child Works It in the Bathroom."—Julie Carwile

"Decoupage Those Empty 40s!"—Carrie Schadle

"Puff Daddy Shows Off His Nasty Pad. (And We're Not Kidding. You'd Think He Could Afford Maid Service.)"—Steven Davis

"Def, Dope, and Fly—Retro '80s Design Tips From Grandmaster Melle Mel & the Furious Five."—Andrew Puzzio

"Eminem's Famous M&M 'Fighting Hostility' Bar Cookies."—Julie Carwile

"Turn Your Old Thongs Into an Unforgettable Thanksgiving Centerpiece!"—Gary Drevitch

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(Because of complicated technical problems—i.e., I did something truly boneheaded—some submissions to this extra were lost. Fortunately, the mishap occurred in the passive voice to obscure the degree of my responsibility, i.e., 100 percent. Unfortunately, they were undoubtedly the funniest answers ever, not just today but in the history of the quiz. I'm sorry.—Ed.)

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Three questions that almost made the cut:

Aug. 31 2015 10:26 AM Unraveling Why So Many Firefighters Perished in the Tianjin Blast Lack of basic chemical safety regulations or even “willful neglect” may have impeded firefighters and contributed to their deaths.
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