No. 470: "If This Should Fall Into the Wrong Hands …"

No. 470: "If This Should Fall Into the Wrong Hands …"

Testing your knowledge of what happened this week
Aug. 24 2000 3:00 AM

No. 470: "If This Should Fall Into the Wrong Hands …"

"People in the business are suspicious because The Times's formula is guarded like some kind of secret sauce," said one professional, alluding to a popular feature of the New York paper. And now Alan Nevins, one of Mike Ovitz's Myrmidons, may have cracked the code. To what nefarious purpose is he said to have put the Times' secret formula?


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Monday's Question (No. 469)—"Walk on the Smoke on the Water":

On Sunday, Pope John Paul II presided over the largest gathering of young people ever held in the West as 2 million kids assembled for World Youth Day, what some have dubbed "The Catholic Woodstock." What was the festival's most popular event?

"Standing around uncomfortably, trying not to think about sex."—Evan Brady

"Hillary! appeared in person to deny she had ever called anyone a 'fucking mackerel snapper.' "—Dan Dickinson

"That must be the big dinner at Spago's hosted by Jack Nicholson with the Gore daughters waitressing topless. Oh wait, that was the most popular event at the Democratic convention. My mistake."—Charlie Glassenberg

"Bachelor priest auction."—Will Vehrs

"Hey, I couldn't even get close enough to the stage to hear, man."—Greg Diamond

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