No. 468: "Acceptable Behavior"

No. 468: "Acceptable Behavior"

No. 468: "Acceptable Behavior"

Testing your knowledge of what happened this week
Aug. 19 2000 12:00 AM

No. 468: "Acceptable Behavior"

Fill in the blank on this remark from Al Gore's acceptance speech at Thursday night's Democratic convention: "I say to you tonight, millions of Americans will live better lives for a long time to come because of __________________."


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Wednesday's Question (No. 467)—"Mystic and Avalon":

There are two in the United States right now, both in San Diego. Mystic is being certified for a return to action; Avalon is ready to go anywhere in the world immediately. Who do they work for, and what do they do?

"Just curious: When did we start letting Barbara Cartland name our pandas?"—Tim Carvell

"They are 'The Lord's World of the Sea' performing dolphins, who 'praise the glory of Jesus Christ' through 'aquatic high jinks and antics.' "—Charlie Glassenberg

"I see the Navy has finally followed up on my suggestion to use bomb-sniffing seals. Or are they sea lions?"—Evan Brady (Beth Sherman had a nasal similar answer.)

"My God! They're the Dennison twins from college! And you say they're in San Diego?! Do you have their number?!"—Sean Carman

"They're ladies of the night, with a bag of tricks to make your wildest dreams come true; they're single moms doing the best they know how; and they're a COP."—Ellis Weiner

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