No. 467: "Mystic and Avalon"

No. 467: "Mystic and Avalon"

No. 467: "Mystic and Avalon"

Testing your knowledge of what happened this week
Aug. 17 2000 3:00 AM

No. 467: "Mystic and Avalon"

There are two in the United States right now, both in San Diego. Mystic is being certified for a return to action; Avalon is ready to go anywhere in the world immediately. Who do they work for, and what do they do?


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Monday's Question (No. 466)—"Animalistic":

As quoted by the BBC Scotland: "There is a certain reduction in the optimism of how practical it will be to take animals and use them in this way." Who said this about what? 

(A voluntary, self-policing, bestiality-free zone was encouraged as a way to avoid heavy-handed government regulation and hack responses.) 

"Vice-presidential candidate Joe Lieberman; on training one of those helper monkeys to turn on lights and press the nuclear button for him on the Sabbath."—Charlie Glassenberg

"Och, who else but Sir Sean Connery; speaking of the conversion of cats into bagpipes."—Alison Gordon (Fred Petrick had a similar answer, but with raccoons.)

"Coyote Ugly producer Jerry Bruckheimer; about why he opted to replace coyotes with comely young women."—Andrew Milner

"Education Minister David Blunkett backing down, in a typically obscure Blairite fashion, from his plans to replace striking teachers with magical talking bears."—TG Gibbon

"God, about his plan to flood the planet and repopulate the Earth after the devastation with pairs of animals loaded onto an ark. 'I think I'll just create a new set of creatures. Unless 75 percent of the people who will otherwise perish send me a dollar,' he continued."—Charles Star