No. 466: "Animalistic"

No. 466: "Animalistic"

No. 466: "Animalistic"

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Aug. 15 2000 3:00 AM

No. 466: "Animalistic"

As quoted by the BBC Scotland: "There is a certain reduction in the optimism of how practical it will be to take animals and use them in this way." Who said this about what?


(A voluntary, self-policing, bestiality-free zone is encouraged as a way to avoid heavy-handed government regulation and hack responses.)

Schedule Note: So that I can complete my community service requirement Wednesday morning, responses to this question are due by Tuesday evening, 6:00 p.m. ET.  


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Friday's Question (No. 465)—"Press On":

Currently they can be made up of as many as 200 different materials amalgamated into over 30 components and, according to Robert Ulrich, the editor of a magazine that covers them, "You almost can't buy a bad [one] these days." What is the name of Ulrich's magazine?   

"Shawarmah and Falafel Monthly."—Charlie Glassenberg

"Doomed Concorde Weekly."—Stuart Wade (Carl Dietrich had a similar answer.)

"Imperfect 10 Magazine."—C. Antonio Romero

"Cat Fancy."—Matthew Renner