No. 463: "TK Day"

No. 463: "TK Day"

No. 463: "TK Day"

Testing your knowledge of what happened this week
Aug. 8 2000 3:00 AM

No. 463: "TK Day"

Recently G.W. Bush signed a proclamation making June 10 a special day named for a particular person, and not everyone is pleased. "They carefully worded this thing to make it look like they've just got a good guy here, and so the state of Texas can have a party for him," said an irate Professor Bruce Lincoln of the University of Chicago. What's the name of this special day, and how does G.W. suggest we observe it? 


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Friday's Question (No. 462)—"Beached Wails":

"That's the good news," said Sarah Chasis of the Natural Resources Defense Council, finding a silver lining in her organization's grim report on increased beach pollution. "The bad news is … we have more closings and advisories, indicating we have serious coastal water problems." So what is the good news?

"There's tons of parking."—Beth Sherman

"The increase in washed-up condoms and needles shows the public is getting the 'safety' message …"—Ian O'Henley

"The guy who typed up the report is really hot."—Francis Heaney

"Bob Hope has withdrawn his request for a burial at sea."—Adam Bonin

"There's still a good chance Dick Cheney will keel over before getting to influence environmental policy."—Doug Ingram

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