No. 462: "Beached Wails"

No. 462: "Beached Wails"

No. 462: "Beached Wails"

Testing your knowledge of what happened this week
Aug. 4 2000 11:30 PM

No. 462: "Beached Wails"

"That's the good news," said Sarah Chasis of the Natural Resources Defense Council, finding a silver lining in her organization's grim report on increased beach pollution. "The bad news is … we have more closings and advisories, indicating we have serious coastal water problems." So what is the good news? 


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Wednesday's Question (No. 461)—"Expert Tease":

"The real critical thing is that someone has got to go in there and get the rebels out," said Ralph Hazleton, a Canadian expert, testifying at a United Nations hearing. What is his area of expertise?

"Sunken Confederate submarines."—Evan Cornog

"Invasive surgery."—Francis Heaney

"Margaret Atwood's whereabouts."—David Finkle

"Frankly, unless he's a break dancer for the GOP, I'm just not interested."—Greg Diamond

"Sinus infection and earwax buildup? Sorry, those were the doctors who treated Ford and sent him home the night before his small stroke."—Barbara Lippert (Adam Bonin had a similar answer.)

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