No. 461: "Expert Tease"

No. 461: "Expert Tease"

No. 461: "Expert Tease"

Testing your knowledge of what happened this week
Aug. 3 2000 3:00 AM

No. 461: "Expert Tease"

"The real critical thing is that someone has got to go in there and get the rebels out," said Ralph Hazleton, a Canadian expert, testifying at a U.N. hearing. What is his area of expertise? 


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Monday's Question (No. 460)—"Turkish Delight":

Fill in the blank as one Istanbul lawyer offers his solution to a serious national problem. "My suggestion is to ___________ everyone who bought a Jeep Cherokee or Range Rover last year."

"Ask for rides to the airport from."—T.G. Gibbon

"Solicit soft-money contributions from."—Francis Heaney (Sheila Brennan had a similar answer, but more personally.)

" 'Send for two years of work in Germany.' 'They love us in Germany,' the lawyer added."—Charlie Glassenberg

"Torture, following the Amnesty International approved guidelines we use on the Kurds."—John Leary

"Um, serve very strong coffee to? Beats me. My knowledge on Turkey is kind of limited."—Tim Carvell

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