No. 460: "Turkish Delight"

No. 460: "Turkish Delight"

No. 460: "Turkish Delight"

Testing your knowledge of what happened this week
Aug. 1 2000 3:00 AM

No. 460: "Turkish Delight"

Fill in the blank as one Istanbul lawyer offers his solution to a serious national problem. "My suggestion is to ___________ everyone who bought a Jeep Cherokee or Range Rover last year."


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Friday's Question (No. 459)—"Speak Threely":

Fishing with Dennis Hastert, cocktails with Colin Powell, a photo session with Larry Holmes—what's the connection?

"Hydrogen: the new cable network for men."—Mark Wade (Mark Romoser had a similar answer.)

"Three unmet demands from Yasser Arafat that ultimately led to the breakup of the Camp David talks. A hickey from Diane Sawyer had been agreed upon."—Brooke Saucier

"I choose bachelor No. 2!"—Ben Perry

"A big bass, some big brass, and a big ass. HI-YO!"—Adam Bonin

"Gee, when I was a kid we just used 'spanking the monkey.' "—Joel Grus

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