No. 459: "Speak Threely"

No. 459: "Speak Threely"

No. 459: "Speak Threely"

Testing your knowledge of what happened this week
July 29 2000 12:00 AM

No. 459: "Speak Threely"

Fishing with Dennis Hastert, cocktails with Colin Powell, a photo session with Larry Holmes—what's the connection? 


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Wednesday's Question (No. 458)—"Sweet 16":

A new government document lists 16 criteria, including "Unusual nervousness," "Suspicious bulge/object," and "Changing direction." Criteria for what?

"Acceptable reasons for throwing kids out of Scouts."—Geoff Egan

"A successful singles mixer."—Francis Heaney

"Don Knotts."—Mark Wade

"When to give women in childbirth an epidural."—Carl Dietrich

"Hey, I'd love to keep dicking around with this, but I've got less than 50 hours to get the last three cuts from 'Baby One More Time' off Napster!"—Alex Pascover

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