No. 459: "Speak Threely"

No. 459: "Speak Threely"

No. 459: "Speak Threely"

Testing your knowledge of what happened this week
July 29 2000 12:00 AM

No. 459: "Speak Threely"

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"Hire Barry McCaffrey to insert pro-ABC messages into anti-drug messages."—Will Vehrs


"Watch ABC five nights in a row, and you get to kick Norm MacDonald in the balls."—Evan Serpick

"Distribute condoms and ecstasy bearing the ABC logo at junior high schools."—Chris Thomas

"Print logos of new shows on sides of Russian rockets, then hold contest as to which crashes down to Earth first."—Douglas Walker

"Who Wants To Win a Part on a Doomed Sitcom?!"—Beth Sherman

"Thousands of carefully trained Norm Macdonald look-alikes go door-to-door in suburban neighborhoods doing small chores and fighting crime."—John Woodward

"Monday Night Football replaced by Monday Night Blow Job (only in major markets)."—Evan Serpick

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Phrase That Never Pays Extra

Viagra, intern.

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