No. 454: "Supplies Party"

No. 454: "Supplies Party"

No. 454: "Supplies Party"

Testing your knowledge of what happened this week
July 17 2000 11:30 PM

No. 454: "Supplies Party"

Facing enormous demands on its generating plants, Wisconsin Electric Power has responded not by adding capacity but by paying someone not to do


something. Who did they pay not to do what? 


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Wednesday's Question (No. 453) "Arms and the Man"

Fill in the blank as White House drug czar Gen. Barry McCaffrey describes alethal new weapon in his anti-drug armory: "As powerful as television is,some experts believe that __________ have an even stronger impact on youngpeople."


"Cable television can."—Daniel Radosh

"Really big televisions."—Francis Heaney

"Televisions dropped from 12th-story windows."—Dave Donovan

"Television and peach schnapps."—Jacob Jost