No. 453: "Arms and the Man"

No. 453: "Arms and the Man"

No. 453: "Arms and the Man"

Testing your knowledge of what happened this week
July 13 2000 3:00 AM

No. 453: "Arms and the Man"

Fill in the blank as White House drug czar Gen. Barry McCaffrey describes a lethal new weapon in his anti-drug armory: "As powerful as television is, some experts believe that __________ have an even stronger impact on young people."


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Monday's Question (No. 452)—"Empower to the People!":

Her eyes ablaze with freedom's fire, corporate spokeswoman Deb Magness assesses the importance to America's children of an imminent development: "It's empowered them in a way that they have always desired but haven't had an opportunity, until now." Which corporation is about to do what?

"Best of all, it's a Kiddilac."—Peter O'Toole

""—David Feige (Chuck Pennscott and Josh Kamensky had similar answers.)

"Student of Fortune magazine. Check out the ads in the back: It's never been cheaper to hire a delinquent to off your teacher."—Greg Diamond

"FOX; Who Wants To Be Adopted by a Multimillionaire?"—Francis Heaney (similarly, Jon Zerolnick)

"This reminds me of a joke, but unfortunately the margin of my e-mail is too small to include it. (And a tip of the hat to Pierre Fermat.)"—Steven Davis

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