No. 364: "Top 20"

No. 364: "Top 20"

No. 364: "Top 20"

Testing your knowledge of what happened this week
Jan. 11 2000 3:30 AM

No. 364: "Top 20"

In his autobiography, George W. Bush called it "the longest 20 minutes of my tenure as governor." What was he doing?


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Thursday's Question (No. 363)--"Edgy and Explosive":

The list includes daggers, pipe bombs, spears, and bows and arrows. List of what?

"Florida's replacements for the electric chair."--Daniel Radosh


"Things, other than 'love' that could've busted 'Hurricane' Carter out of jail."--Jon Hotchkiss

"Reasons why Juan Miguel González, Elián's father, refused an offer to visit the United States and its vibrant anti-Cuban community."--Ross Hight

"Things the Daryl Hannah character invented in the movie Clan of the Cave Bear."--Laura Miller

" 'Welcome to the Neighborhood' gifts delivered to the Clintons' Chappaqua home this week."--Ron Lieber


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Randy's Wrap-Up

Surely a single John Rocker response is sufficient impetus to point out that Major League Baseball--the organization, not the actual players--is as odious and craven a pack of millionaires never sued by Patricia Duff. What happened to Rocker's right to free (albeit despicable) speech? While the First Amendment limits government action, not that of an employer, doesn't MLB--a group that constantly claims to symbolize America--have sufficient respect for that doctrine not to threaten to fire a guy for expressing his (albeit despicable) views? No, as it happens, it doesn't.

And then, lacking the courage to fire the guy directly, MLB sends Rocker to a psychiatrist. Didn't we used to deride the Soviet Union for putting those who expressed unpopular (albeit despicable) views in mental institutions? Rocker isn't insane; he's a contemptible (albeit despicable) racist. He should not be fired; he should be despised. Boo him from the stands, shun him in the locker room, denounce him in the press, but don't "treat" him and don't take away his job. Of course, Rocker will not be banned from baseball; he's too skillful a pitcher. But MLB will keep him in the game without any moral courage--some public display of contrition, lessons learned, amends made, Prozac taken--but without the booing and the shunning and the denouncing. Hardly worth it.


The Benign Influence of God's Answer

These were the most common sorts of weapons seized by the Indonesian army during the current outbreak of Muslim-Christian violence.

Soldiers confiscated thousands of weapons in Ambon last Monday following clashes that left 18 people dead. On Tuesday, soldiers opened fire on battling mobs, killing 17. More than 550 were slain throughout the week. Indonesia is 90 percent Muslim, but the Christian and Muslim communities in this region, the Mollucas, are about the same size, making for a more evenly matched sort of strife.

Corporate Ethos Extra


This follow-up was e-mailed to all Condé Nast employees:

Michelle Deshields@CNP

12/27/99 04:35 PM

To: 4 Times Square 1, 4 Times Square 2, 4 Times Square 3, 4 Times Square 4, 4Times Square 5

Subject: 2000 Glamour Swimsuit Try-On

For all of those who have replied and plan on participating, if you were to fall into one of the following categories which would it be?

Small Bust

Large Bust

Long Torso

Waist Cincher

Pear Shaped

Tummy Control

Large sized

(Rainy-Day Fun: Match your favorite New Yorker writer with his/her body type and look of despair.--Ed.)

Cultural Details Extra

" 'I'd like to see him do a video in Harlem dancing with youngsters in caps and a grunge look,' says Shashi Gopal, managing director of Magnasound India Ltd." (Thanks to Tim Carvell.)

This is the culturally savvy marketing plan Gopal described to the Wall Street Journal, by which Indipop, a hybrid of Indian music, rock, rap, and reggae, will conquer America, through the person of Daler Mehndi, a 31-year-old Sikh who used to drive a taxi in San Francisco. Mehndi's first album, the 1995 Bolo Ta Ra Ra, sold 2 million copies, the biggest Indipop success ever. Today the Punjab, tomorrow Harlem, the day after tomorrow--I dunno, maybe the parts of the Bronx with the caps and the grunge and the dancing and the youngsters.--Ed.

Common Denominator

School violence, Republican debate violence.