No. 312: "Ominous, Anomalous"

No. 312: "Ominous, Anomalous"

No. 312: "Ominous, Anomalous"

Testing your knowledge of what happened this week
Sept. 30 1999 3:30 AM

No. 312: "Ominous, Anomalous"

Hillary Clinton, Chelsea Clinton, William Bennett, the president's staff, the American people, God. Which does not belong? Why?


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Tuesday's Question (No. 311)--"Dutch Treatment":

Tuesday, Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands reopens one of Amsterdam's most popular tourist attractions after extensive renovations. What attraction?


"Her warm, welcoming bosoms."--Richard Nikonovich-Kahn (Matt Sullivan and Tim Carvell had similar answers.)

"Queen Beatrix's Mystery Spot."--Merrill Markoe (similarly, Bill Scheft)

"The house Anne Frank lived in with 'Diversity,' 'Trench,' and 'Otto' during MTV's first Real World."--Jon Hotchkiss

"Pat Buchanan's Wonderful World of It's None of Our Business."--Chris Kelly


"Dutch World, where all sorts of fictional characters created by Edmund Morris come out to play with children of all ages!"--the other Steven Davis

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Randy's Wrap-Up

Sex, drugs, and hidden Jews! That's what I remember about Woodstock. Or perhaps that's what News Quiz participants remember about the Dutch. Here's what they've forgotten--Rembrandt, van Gogh, Spinoza, hydraulic engineering, silver skates, Boswell's education, (I was sure there'd be many a smartass remark about his law school days), treat, courage, uncle, rub, elm disease, those damned Spanish Hapsburgs, that crazy Protestant Reformation (the long hair, the beads, the--oh, wait, Woodstock again), the seizure of Sumatra, the wars with England and their possible connection to the death of Christopher Marlowe (who never got to see Gwyneth Paltrow naked, but might have if only he and she had been at Woodstock), and the nation's new maturity in 1952 when it took its place among other great nations as a member of the European Coal and Steel Commission.


DespiteEverything I Believe This Is the Answer

"The house in Amsterdam which hid Jewish teen-ager Anne Frank during World War II officially unveiled its new look Tuesday after 10 years of renovation," Reuters reports. "The snack bar, the gift shop, the new roller coaster--the entire place is just Annetastic!" they did not add. "Makes other Holocaust museums look like a lot of boring Holocaust museums," also went unsaid.


  • Black-and-white photos of the neighborhood in the early 1940s have been affixed to the windows for a sense of going back in time.
  • The Anne Frank Foundation has re-created the atmosphere of the office as it was in the 1940s, including the smell of spices.
  • A visitors' cafe* and a virtual tour through the house on computer have been added.
  • The house remained open throughout the renovations. There were 822,000 visitors last year.


*RainyDay Fun
Draw your own menu for the Anne Frank House visitors' cafe. Is there a children's menu? Can you include the phrases "all you can eat" and "fajitas"?

AlCloutier's Auto-Translation Extra

What I have done is translate the last News Quiz from English to German and from German back to English using the Alta Vista translator.

Below, Randy's Wrap Up:


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OurCorporate Philosophers Extra

Three hundred corporate titans are gathered in Shanghai for the Fortune Global Forum. Some big ideas from these exemplars of capitalism:

On Altruism

"When you go into a market like China, you recognize talented artists and give them an opportunity for expression. That's an important public role. Companies like ours have a role to play in creating world harmony."--Gerald M. Levin, chairman of Time Warner, said this with a straight face.

On the Role of the Press

"Journalistic integrity must prevail in the final analysis, but that doesn't meant that journalistic integrity should be exercised in a way that is unnecessarily offensive to the countries in which you operate."--Sumner Redstone, chairman of Viacom, said this and did not die of shame.


Legal drugs.