No. 222: "Zanimax"

No. 222: "Zanimax"

No. 222: "Zanimax"

Testing your knowledge of what happened this week
April 10 1999 3:30 AM

No. 222: "Zanimax"

The Iranian daily newspaper Zan (Farsi for "woman") and the American movie company Miramax (English for "Big Mira"?) are in trouble for similar offenses. What?


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Wednesday's Question (No. 221)--"No Carrying On":

Fill in the blank on this comment by State Sen. Harry Wiggins, jubilant over the voting on a new proposal: "Missourians do not want __________ carried into football games and bars and schools."

"To be. We like it at home."--Kate Wing


"Scantily clad state senators."--Heather Williams (Dan Simon and Floyd Elliot had similar answers.)

"Footballs, beers, and textbooks. What? Really? Well there goes my re-election!"--Daniel Radosh

"Chihuahuas ... or was it hand guns? No: Chihuahuas with handguns!"--Tam Doey

"The lifeless bodies of our vanquished foes."--Michael Roche


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Randy's Wrap-Up

One of the most exhausting lessons of adolescence is discovering that just because you've settled an issue in your head--i.e., racism is bad; my history teacher is such a liar--does not mean it is settled in the actual world. Racism persists and you must still write your report on the opening of the American frontier. One of the most exhausting lessons of adulthood is discovering that just because you've settled an issue in the actual world--i.e., abortion is legal; my computer is fixed--doesn't mean you won't have to keep settling it again and again. History is not a synonym for progress. No issue is ever settled. No case is ever closed. And so, even after the death of Jesse James, the people of Missouri must vote on the same policies over and over. But at least I won't have to write an essay about it on my balky computer, and that's progress. Or decrepitude.

Unconcealed Answer


"Missourians do not want guns carried into football games and bars and schools."

Tuesday, despite a $3.7 million campaign by the National Rifle Association, Missouri voted down an attempt to lift the ban on concealed weapons. Forty-three states currently permit concealed weapons.

Jon Delfin's Inside the Industry Extra: M*A*S*H

I'm told that every now and then a memo would arrive from above, demanding a TV Guide-type precis for the next episode. Since the episode might well not have been written yet, they had a stockpile of generic descriptions: "It's winter at the 4077, and all hell breaks loose in the OR" One week, hearing that CBS had begun developing a new show, Trapper John, M.D. starring Pernell Roberts, they sent in "Hawkeye receives word from home that Trapper John is dead." CBS didn't see the humor in this.


Ultradull Weekend Bonus Question

A big third-of-a-page ad on the op-ed page of Wednesday's New York Times criticizing military procurement policies was placed by Business Leaders for Sensible Priorities, perhaps the most boring name ever devised for an organization. Separately, each of these words is dense with tedium, but collectively ... Sorry ... where was I? Must have dozed off.

Participants are invited to create an even more torpid name for an even more lackluster organization.

Common Denominator

Books--so illiterate are those illiterate Midwesterners, they're just illiterate.