No. 219: "Not"

No. 219: "Not"

No. 219: "Not"

Testing your knowledge of what happened this week
April 7 1999 3:30 AM

No. 219: "Not"

The slogan in Maine, promulgated at government expense, is "Not Me, Not Now." Not what?


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Thursday's Question (No. 218)--"You Smell Something?":

"It stinks in God's nostrils, and I know it stinks in the law's nostrils, and it stinks to me." Who said this about what?

"Noted attorney and amateur theologian Alan Dershowitz, protesting a parking ticket with his usual élan."--Tim Carvell


"New York City Consumer Affairs Commissioner Jules Polonetsky, ever vigilant about Passover gouging, has discovered some fake gefilte fish produced by the Posse Comitatus."--Norm Oder

"Fidel Castro, on the suspiciously effective performance of the Baltimore Orioles' bullpen."--Al Petrosky

"Candor, gossiping about Stench at the recent Abstract Concepts Potluck and Bingo Night."--Bill Wasik

"A dog's highest praise."--Dale Shuger


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Randy's Wrap-Up

Judging by News Quiz participants--and I do--the two groups likeliest to express nasal disdain are film critics and political opponents. This is a disturbing ceding of the field to professionals. It is, for instance, the right of every American to carp about his boss (I believe that's in the Constitution) and his relatives (the Bible). But there is a recent reluctance to fire at certain targets unless one has impressive credentials, a professionalizing of contumely. This is lamentable and unnecessary. Remember (using Ginkoba if need be) what Johnson said about literary criticism: "You may scold a carpenter who has made you a bad table, though you cannot make a table. It is not your trade to make tables." Although as any trained Johnson scholar can tell you, the Great Cham clearly did not mean you should criticize News Quiz because you're discontent with the replies selected for Page 1.

Really, Really Sorry Answer


The Rev. Henry Lyons was describing his theft of the $250,000 that the Anti-Defamation League of B'nai B'rith had donated to rebuild black churches destroyed by fire.

The weeping minister spoke in Largo, Fla., as he was sentenced to five and a half years in prison for swindling more than $4 million from the National Baptist Convention USA, the country's largest black denomination, while serving as its president. "I cannot shake the feeling that I have let so many people down," he added. Well, yeah.

Alma Mater Extra

In the fierce struggle for first-class students who can write first-class tuition checks, many universities have begun advertising. Can you name the schools that used the following slogans in recent magazine ads?



1. Sacrifice Nothing

2. Sacrifice Nothing for Nobody Nohow

3. Service, Pride and Excellence

4. Write ... Explore ... Discover

5. Dream, Think, Become

6. Drink, Vomit, Repeat

7. A True Education Creates a Lifelong Thirst for More

8. A True Education Creates a Lifelong Thirst for More Money

9. Sorry About the Vietnam War

10. Now 50 Percent Whiter


1. Bennington

2. Yale*

3. State University of New York

4. Sarah Lawrence

5. College of New Rochelle

6. Dartmouth*

7. Iona College

8. Harvard (Business School)*

9. Harvard (political science department)*

10. University of California*

*May be the liquor talking.

Common Denominator

A delightful potpourri with a faint but disturbing note of disdain for the delightful Shakespeare in Love.