No. 207: "Samaranch Hand"

No. 207: "Samaranch Hand"

No. 207: "Samaranch Hand"

Testing your knowledge of what happened this week
March 17 1999 3:30 AM

No. 207: "Samaranch Hand"

As it prepares to convene in Switzerland this week, the International Olympic Committee has invited a well-known American to join its reform panel. Who and why? (Question courtesy of Andrew Staples.)


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Thursday's Question (No. 206)--"How Do You Take It?":

It happens in Colorado for an hour a day, and former prosecutor Steven Cohen calls it "the oddest kaffeeklatsch in the history of Western civilization." What goes on?

"The trees talk about how to kill another celebrity."--Jennifer Miller

"Tim McVeigh, Ted Kaczynski, and Ramzi Yousef get together to try and solve the JonBenet Ramsey case."--Cliff Schoenberg (Norm Oder et al. had similar answers.)

"Adolph Coors studies for his bar mitzvah."--Jon Snow (similarly, but rappers not brewers, Leigh Bardugo)

"Barbara Walters, Meredith Vieira, Joy Behar, and Ramzi Yousef at the taping of their TV show The Parallax View."--Meg Wolitzer

"Finally, a question to which I know the answer: Murderers yell at each other."--Sharon Smith

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