No. 201: "TK"

No. 201: "TK"

No. 201: "TK"

Testing your knowledge of what happened this week
March 4 1999 3:30 AM

No. 201: "TK"

In the '60s it happened to 95 percent of American boys; today it's down to 60 percent, and a policy just announced by the American Academy of Pediatrics is meant to make it happen even less. What?



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Monday's Question (No. 199)--"Thirds":

He's done it twice, and he announced on the radio that if it were legal to do it again he would. Opponents say this desire indicates "a strange psychological state." Who wants to do what?

"Strom Thurmond, own slaves."--Tim Carvell (Noah Meyerson had a similar answer, as did Erich Van Dussen, except more Paul Harveyian.)

"Boris Yeltsin, work three days in a row."--Kate Clinton

"Nigerian President-elect Olusegun Obasanjo, fix an election just so he can visit Jimmy Carter."--Dave Gaffen

"You're telling me they passed a law to prevent Kevin Costner from directing? Well, thank God!"--Steve Smith

"Argentine President Carlos Saúl Menem, drive down East 88th Street holding a can of Bud."--Peter Lerangis

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Randy's Wrap-Up


Many of your suggestions involved actions that, while amusing and cruel, are not illegal but merely unlikely (Most men would be too scared to lift it while the monkey was in the room.), unappetizing (With a human femur? Not in my copy of Joy of Cooking!), or in direct contradiction of the laws of physics (Sure, naked and on the surface of the moon--but here on Earth? I doubt it.). You know who you are.

Factory Tour Follow-Up

"As of a year ago (the last time I visited), the Hershey plant in Oakdale, Calif., offered tours."--Jamie Contreras

Month of Junk Follow-Up


Colleen Werthmann and Don Porges warn: "Never reply to the address that spam message says you should use to be removed from the mailing list. This is one of the ways spammers verify that the address is live and may result in even more spam."

"Randy, you received 35 [pieces of junk mail] and not one was sex-related? You gotta get on AOL, man."--Bill Franzen

Born To Run Answer

Over the weekend, Argentina's President Carlos Saúl Menem said he'd like to seek re-election, but his country's constitution forbids three consecutive terms. In addition, a 1995 amendment specifically prohibits Menem from running again. Former President Raúl Alfonsín thinks Menem is just nuts, but Menem said Alfonsín should be ignored because "he couldn't govern the country."


Yesterday Menem again reversed himself, announcing that he'd retire at the conclusion of his term.

Beth Sherman's 200th Edition Guest Extra

Randy, I'm always true to you, darling, in my fashion, but sometimes a girl needs to sow some wild oats.



{{Mount Vernon Online Quiz#2:}}

"Test yourself on your knowledge of George Washington. If you get all the questions correct, you will have the opportunity to be listed in the Mount Vernon Hall of Fame."

Martha, Thomas Paine, me.

{{Bat Quiz#2:}}

"How much do you know about these flying, furry creatures?"

Not enough. Why do you think I stopped spelunking?

{{Guess the Dictator/Sit-Com Character#2:}}

"Pretend to be your favorite dictator or television sit-com character, and I'll try to guess who you're supposed to be."

Only if you promise to stay the night.

{{Bayer Aspirin Trivia Game#2:}}

"No description available."

Just the thing after a hard night of beer trivia.

{{Alcatraz Trivia Contest#2:}}

"Alcatraz: The Warden Johnston Years."

And you thought Strom Thurmond's ass was a hack answer only at Slate.

{{Leadership U: Bible Literacy Quiz#2:}}

"Find out how much you really know about the Bible."

Moneylenders for $400, Alex.

{{Miata Trivia#2:}}

"An online quiz of basic information on the Mazda Miata."

Never drive your Mazda Miata if you are:

a) drunk

b) uninsured

c) sole support of your family

d) all of the above

{{Famous Cats Quiz#2:}}

Plus those nude photos of Socks you've been hearing about!

Common Denominator

Clinton the insatiable campaigner.

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