No. 192: "Where It's At"

No. 192: "Where It's At"

No. 192: "Where It's At"

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Feb. 18 1999 3:30 AM

No. 192: "Where It's At"

Fill in the blank in Dr. Orville Gilbert Brim's report on a 10 year study funded by the MacArthur Foundation: "On balance, the sense we all have is that ________ is the best place to be."


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Monday's Question (No. 191)--"Enlistment Drive":

President Clinton, the Pope, the Salvation Army, and NATO are rumored to be on a list of 118. List of what?

"Those brave enough to have lunch with Christopher Hitchens."--Alfa-Betty Olsen (Charles Star had a similar answer.)

"Less lame-ass settings for Le Misanthrope than backstage in London, or wherever Uma Thurman thinks she is."--Chris Kelly

"Oppressors. By the way, I'm a sophomore in college."-- Colleen Werthmann

"And if you don't think a person such as the Pope or Bill Clinton can be a setting for Molière, you obviously haven't seen my modern-dress Scapin, the Trickster set inside John Ehrlichman's rotting corpse."--Chris Kelly

"Former lovers of the late, great Juliet Prowse."--Larry Amaros

"They all play chess by mail with Marilyn vos Savant, and she kicks their ass."--Chris Kelly

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