No. 186: " 's cool"

No. 186: " 's cool"

No. 186: " 's cool"

Testing your knowledge of what happened this week
Feb. 6 1999 3:30 AM

No. 186: " 's cool"

Joining a national trend, the superintendent of schools in West Greenwich, R.I., ordered these turned off during the day. What?


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Wednesday's question (No. 185)--"Tourist Tsuris":

Israel's National Parks Authority was uneasy about a proposed new attraction but, after consulting church authorities, head of planning Zeev Margalit concluded that it would "not hurt the feelings of the Christian tourists and it would not be too kitchy, so we decided to go with it." With what? (This storycourtesy of Daniel Radosh.)

"A large monument honoring Daniel Radosh."--Greg Diamond


"Silhouette brooches of popular Disney characters made from the bones of slain Crusaders."--Jim O'Grady

"The Christians-only lion petting zoo."-- Beth Sherman

"An I've Got a Secret style quiz show where celebrity evangelists question groups of male Jews about which is the real Antichrist."--Howard Burchman

"A sound and light show mocking the beliefs of Hindus, Buddhists, and Muslims."--Andrew Silow-Carroll (Noah Meyerson had a similar answer.)


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Randy's Wrap-Up

I'm afraid this is kind of a one joke question, and the joke is cheap and easy blasphemy. Well, maybe two jokes if you count Heritage USA; is that still for sale? Shouldn't someone inform Mr. Gates? Actually, three, if you count Jerry Falwell's Jew Town, but that's a scary place. You know if Christ and Antichrist come into direct physical contact, there'd be, like, a big explosion that would blow stuff up. Cool! I learned that in religious physics at my Christian academy. Just before the building was struck by lightning. OK, not the entire building, just my desk.

Simulated Miraculous Answer


They're building a sunken ramp into the Sea of Galilee to let tourists simulate Jesus' walk on water, reports Emma Blijdenstein for the Associated Press. The 13 foot wide, 28 foot long, crescent-shaped floating bridge will be submerged 2 inches below water, and can handle 50 people. To enhance the "walking on water" effect, the bridge will be unrailed. Lifeguards and boats will be standing by.

You Make the Call Extra

Can you figure out the next step in each scenario?

1. You Be the Former Monkee


"They decimated my business; they decimated my catalogue, by luring me into this kind of complacently by lying to me. I closed the business down in the shambles that it was, swept everything clean, moved to Santa Fe and ... "

What did Michael Nesmith do then?

2. You Be the Former Presidential Adviser

"We used to have a 7:30 a.m. meeting and Erskine [Bowles] would sit at one end of the conference table in his office and I would sit at the other. Every now and then, when things got a little tense, I would ... "

What did Rahm Emanuel do then?


1. " ... wrote a novel."

When a video deal with PBS went sour, PBS sued Nesmith who countersued. Last Monday, a jury awarded him $47 million.

2. " ... walk over and give him a little kiss on the forehead."

Both men now work on Wall Street.

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