No. 184: "Post-Game Blame"

No. 184: "Post-Game Blame"

No. 184: "Post-Game Blame"

Testing your knowledge of what happened this week
Feb. 4 1999 3:30 AM

No. 184: "Post-Game Blame"

Fill in the blank on one Atlanta Falcon's analysis of his team's Super Bowl loss. "Instead of getting mentally ready for the Broncos, we were ___________."


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Tuesday's question (No. 183)--"Three Times To":

The answer, from Richard Clarke, the president's counterterrorism coordinator, is: "To extort us, to intimidate us, to get us to abandon our foreign policy."

What's the question?


"Why do black college students play their big, expensive stereos so loud around Slate staffers?"--Katha Pollitt

"Why are so many of the Iraqi people starving to death?"--Matt Sullivan

"Can you give examples of a direct object in an infinitive phrase?"--Brooke Saucier

"There's no question. This is an excerpt from the voice-over credo read in the opening credits for the new UPN series Star Trek: Pitiful Helpless Giant, starring former Secretary of State George Shultz."--Greg Diamond


"Why would Michael Flatley threaten to perform an all-nude version of Riverdance?"--Steven Davis

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Randy's Wrap-Up

Which aspect of our foreign policy does Richard Clarke most fear will be abandoned--standing around while civilians are slaughtered in Rwanda or standing around while civilians are slaughtered in Kosovo? Or does Clarke burn to preserve our more activist policy, promoting the suffering of Iraqi civilians? Perhaps when the unworkable but stylishly nostalgic Star Wars anti-missile system is deployed, a part of President Clinton's request for the biggest increase in the military spending in decades, Clarke will lose his fear of abandonment. Or maybe he should switch to chamomile tea.


All Too Hackable Answer

Why would cyberterrorists want to assault America's 911 system, inquired New York Times reporter Tim Weiner.

"It's as bad as being attacked by bombs," says Clarke, with the characteristic enthusiasm that once fueled his psychological war efforts against Libya. Clarke's 1986 plan included setting off scary sonic booms near Muammar Qaddafi to ... well, scare him. The plot collapsed when Clarke's sponsors in the Reagan White House got caught planting lies in the Wall Street Journal about Libyan support of terrorism.

Currently working out of Oliver North's old office, Clarke maintains a lighthearted attitude toward the law that has not discouraged President Clinton from expanding counterterror activities into an $11 billion a year endeavor.


Civil Disobedience Extra

Match the police response to the demonstration.

Riot Police

A. Police fire tear gas.

B. Soldiers fire tear gas.

C. Police throw tear gas grenades, pound nightsticks on shields.

D. Police use tear gas, batons, water canon.

E. Police fire rubber-coated steel pellets.

F. Troops brandish Galil assault rifles; vigilantes use rifles, pistols, machetes to kill 45 suspected looters.

G. Police use attack dogs, pepper spray, fire hoses.


1. In Romania, stone throwing coal miners march toward Bucharest.

2. In Kenya, students protesting unrestrained development plant trees in the Kauru forest.

3. In Palestine, after a funeral for a youth killed by a rubber-coated steel pellet, rioters hurl stones and firebombs at Israeli police.

4. In Armenia, Columbia, rioters fight for relief supplies.

5. In the United States, fans in Grand Junction, Colo., celebrate the Broncos' victory.

6. In the United States, Broncos fans in Greeley, Colo., pelt cops with rocks and bottles.

7. In the United States, Denver fans celebrate a Super Bowl win by overturning cars, breaking windows, setting fires.


A-6, B-1, C-7, D-2, E-3, F-4, G-5.

Race Results

Replies referring to actual events in the world: 23.

Replies referring to movies, television, etc.: 14.

Ambiguous replies: 3.

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