No. 138: “Scaly”

No. 138: “Scaly”

No. 138: “Scaly”

Testing your knowledge of what happened this week
Nov. 11 1998 3:30 AM

No. 138: “Scaly”

No. 138: "Scaly"

By Randy Cohen


This winter the U.S. government is testing a new 1-to-5 rating system in Nebraska and Wyoming. Rating what?


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Responses to Thursday's Question (No. 137)--"Stop, Look, And ...":

A proposal introduced by the British government would impose a 15 day waiting period. Before you can do what?


"Anything."--Larry Doyle

"Showing affection to your newborn."--Jennifer Miller

"Releasing genocidal dictators."--David Rakoff (Andrew Staples and Brooke Saucier had similar answers.)

"Declaring America's latest foreign policy initiative misguided."--Kevin Gregg


"Having another spanking, you very naughty boy."--Floyd Elliot

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Randy's Cross-Cultural Wrap-Up

Judging by your responses, here's what we know about the English--bad sex, bad food, bad teeth, bad weather. Their insatiable appetite for royal gossip is cheerfully fed by a venal press. Their factories manufacture a steady supply of ephemeral pop groups. And they don't think much of the French and their bountiful supply of good sex, good food, good weather, and--well, three out of four.


This sort of jingoism is unworthy of "News Quiz" players, who might charitably have pointed out how graciously the English have transformed themselves from a ruthless imperial power into a vast island museum that still believes itself to be a ruthless imperial power. Self-delusion in others can be so endearing.

And I'm sure you all join me in wishing Kate Moss a speedy return to her health, and Margaret Thatcher to her senses.

Official Bliss Answer

Before getting married.


The government introduced a package of measures to support families--by thwarting "quickie" weddings, making prenuptial agreements legally binding, and improving mediation services. The Conservative Party denounced this "unprecedented level of intrusion into family life."

Press the Meat Extra

Match these recent headlines with the British newspaper in which they appeared. Hint: Shakespeare was English.

1. Loophole sets psychopath free

Drugs more feared than bullying

Youths attack police with rockets

Opera chiefs should be jailed, says MP

2. "If It Had Been Me ... I'd Have Killed the C***"

Pram Rage

Breast in the World

Corrie Toy-Boy Fun

3. This Is Appalling

You Brutes

Keep Her in Prison

I Hate This Evil Being


1. London's Evening Standard

2. The Daily Express

3. The Daily Mirror

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