Oh, What a System

Oh, What a System

Oh, What a System

Testing your knowledge of what happened this week
Oct. 9 1998 3:30 AM

Oh, What a System



"We thought those Mentos commercials would seem mocking, almost cruel to our American friends. But now they know: I am the Freshmaker. (I've just been told those commercials are really made in the United States, but what's a little omission in the name of humor and fresh breath?)"--Kate Wing

"Reception."--Tim Rogers

"Sonny Bono's Republican tendencies."--Brooke Saucier

"Major Healy's continuous attempts to use Genie for his own personal gain."--Alex Balk

"Morgan Freeman's acting abilities once he shaved his afro and got off The Electric Company."--Aaron Schatz

"Dennis Weaver's depiction of the disabled on Gunsmoke. Once viewed as callous and hardhearted, it is now considered realistic and compassionate."--Cliff Schoenberg

"Looking at Doug McClure's first name on the credits for The Virginian and figuring the spelling 'jut felt' wrong."--John Snell

"The deeply subversive irony of The Munsters pitying their blond bombshell niece Marilyn for her looks!"--Jim O'Grady

"The Vietnam War. Who knew, back then, that it would give us so many great movies, like Platoon, Full Metal Jacket, and Braddock: Missing In Action 3? Let's not forget Reagan fave John Rambo."--Matt Sullivan

"The blight of McDonald's on the American landscape. The turning point for Sweden--the McLutefish! (It's also a Royale With Cheese in Stockholm)."--Andrew Staples

"Operating the remote."--Peter Lerangis

"The conclusive proof that Certs really ARE two mints in one."--Andrew Milner

"The ongoing character-building effects of the Peanuts specials on my playfully sarcastic yet warmly tender-hearted generation. That Snoopy ... what a scamp!"--Jim O'Grady

"Public access. 'Not only was it wrong, it was very wrong. Disturbing,' he whispered, trembling, as he recalled the heyday of Dancing Skroenk, St. Lucia's Got a Brand New Bag, and Bergmania!"--Colleen Werthmann

"The need for massive quantities of Prozac and Zoloft to keep the dames of daytime television dithering. Roseanne and Kathie Lee, are you reading this?"--Carrie Rickey

"Why that chef on The Muppet Show was a dignified and respectful portrayal of a Swedish person."--Jennifer Miller

"Don Knotts trying to catch a glimpse of Suzanne Somers' cleavage. With the advent of the Wonderbra, this is now, of course, not just socially acceptable but socially encouraged behavior. We are so enlightened!"--Todd Kaderabek

"How much less funny Saturday Night Live would become. 'Those were the good old, bad old days,' sighed Jutfelt. 'And I miss them.' "--Beth Sherman

"That the U.S. broadcast networks could possibly go lower than My Mother the Car or Supertrain."--Gary Frazier

"The staying power of insipid television reruns with an allegedly more cultured European audience."--Chris Thomas

"About how accurate their assessment of Swedish television would prove to be over time."--David Finkle


"The tolerance of the pious (cf Starr Report) for 'oral-anal contact.' "--Steve Reiness

Randy Cohen used to write Slate's "News Quiz." His most recent book—oh, like you don't know.