Battle Cry

Battle Cry

Battle Cry

Testing your knowledge of what happened this week
Oct. 24 1998 3:30 AM

Battle Cry



"1974 ménage à trois with Peter Allen and Liza Minelli. (Elizabeth Birch adds, 'You don't have to be gay to love, love, love this week's Buddy Faro, Friday at 9 p.m. on CBS. But it doesn't hurt.')"--Jon Hotchkiss

"Proclivities."--Evan Cornog

"Place on the Kinsey Scale."--Matt Sullivan

"Fine collection of Tiffany cock rings."--Dennis Cass

"Penchant for water sports."--Colleen Werthmann

"Long-standing intimate bond with Cardinal O'Connor."--M.G. Lord

"Erotic windsock collection."--Bill Franzen

"Coquettish and playful charms."--John Snell

"Corner booth at Big Cup."--Beth Sherman

"Long, sinewy, deliciously freckled legs."--Tim Rogers

"Authorship of The Well of Loneliness."--Meg Wolitzer

"Passion for show tunes and antiquing."--Andrew "Miss Stereotypical Thing" Solovay

"Predilection for mauve."--Judith Spencer

"Smoldering eyes."--Jim O'Grady

"Fetish for black leather underwear."--Leslie Goodman-Malamuth

"Live-in houseboy, Spike."--Chuck Lawhorn

"Wonderful falsetto."--Ananda Gupta

"Enormously swollen prostate."--Tom McDonald

"One woman rendition of 'Lady Sings the Blues.' "--Eric Zicklin (Carrie Rickey had a similar answer, but singing Sondheim; Cole Porter, Barbara Lippert; Lou Reed, Stuart Wade.)

"Penchant for doing faaaaaabulous Barbara Cook impressions (her shows at Café Carlyle, not the debacle that was Reno Sweeney's)."--Larry Amaros (similarly, but with the classic Garland impression, Brad Evans)

"Willingness to go to hell in exchange for votes from fags."--David Edelstein

"Treatment for a new sitcom, Al and Arthur: Can a crooked politician and his self-loathing gay friend share an apartment without driving each other nuts? Featuring George Pataki as the wacky neighbor."--Daniel Radosh

"Nickname's origins. An amazing number of people think Sen. Pothole has something to do with streets."--Matthew Cole

"Characterization of Chuck Schumer as a 'faygeleh.' But he explained to HRC that he thought it meant 'a delicious holiday pastry.' As for his revelation about the nickname 'Sen. Pothole,' well, we believe it: The lisp and the rolling eyes were a joke. D'Amato in '98!"--Peter Lerangis

"Great love of those two guys in A Night at the Roxbury."--Adam Bonin

"Eerie resemblance to John Waters when he takes off his glasses and lets his mustache grow."--Greg Diamond

"Difficult breakup with Chuck Schumer, who stopped paying his rent and gym membership."--Don Kauffman

"Campaign strategy of attacking his opponent, Chucky S., as 'the worst kind of strutting, simpering, limp-wristed sissy who ever hugged and kissed his way up and down Christopher Street. He's a disgrace and should be treated as you would a kleptomaniac.' "--Marshall Efron

"Regular attendance--wearing a towel--at Bette Midler's Continental Baths shows in the early '70s."--David Finkle

"Financial backing of a new musical about the WNBA. Currently in rehearsals, it's tentatively called A Locker Room of Their Own and will feature a dance line of male cheerleaders."--Aaron Osterby


" 'Deep commitment to Tom Ford's mid-'70s, crypt S/M, homoerotic aesthetic of austerity. The senator really loves Gucci, he wears last season's thong under everything, and we thought, after careful consideration, that that was far more important to gay men and lesbians than a woman's right to a safe and legal abortion,' said the middlebrow, unprincipled, and intellectually flaccid Birch, consigning the last shred of her soul to Satan."--David Rakoff

Randy Cohen used to write Slate's "News Quiz." His most recent book—oh, like you don't know.