All Preachers Great and Small

All Preachers Great and Small

All Preachers Great and Small

Testing your knowledge of what happened this week
Sept. 25 1998 3:30 AM

All Preachers Great and Small

Protected from a hostile prosecutor by a rigid exoskeleton called "chitin."



"Wrestled with pipe cleaner thin yet counterintuitively strong and slippery socialite Nan Kempner."--David Rakoff

"Shopped at Playtime Video on West 43rd Street. 'All they have now is badly dubbed Bruce Lee movies and remaindered copies of My Giant,' whined Mandela. 'What the hell happened?' "--Daniel Radosh

"Waited on the TKTS line without going to the bathroom first."--Nancy Franklin

"Went to TicketMaster and paid full price for Cats. 'Curses,' Mandela said, when he heard those tickets are given away free as long as you get a slice and medium soda at any participating Sbarros."--Jon Hotchkiss.

"Adopted a child with Mia Farrow."--Danny Franklin

"Tried to decipher A.M. Rosenthal's 'On My Mind' column."--Alex Balk

"Tried to get a cab."--Beth Sherman (Peter Lerangis and Andrew Staples had similar answers.)

"Walked down Broad Channel Main Street."--David Rakoff

"Wandered around Crown Heights, desperately seeking a cheeseburger."--Leslie Goodman-Malamuth

"Ate lunch from a pushcart."--Cliff Schoenberg

"Ate at Tad's Steaks."--Colleen Werthmann

"Ate at Planet Hollywood. 'He was good in Diner, but Steve Guttenberg was a horrible waiter,' Mandela was overheard saying to his chief of staff."--Jon Hotchkiss

"Ordered the Cap'n Crunch Chicken Fingers at Planet Hollywood."--David Rakoff

"Ordered the Pastrami at Katz's. Mandela was overheard telling his chief of staff, 'That damn Jew had his finger on the scale. I know it.' "--Jon Hotchkiss.

"Waited in line so he could be insulted by Al Yeganah and pay $12.50 for a minuscule portion of lobster bisque."--Stephanie Goldberg

"Crossed against the light."-- Judith Spencer

"Went to a Times Square strip club (while on a break from addressing the United Nations)."--Jon Delfin

"Picked up a West Village prostitute. 'Then I pulled down her panties,' said a still shaken Mandela, 'and it was puzzling.' "--Brian Danenberg

"Helped Marv Albert give the big check to Central Synagogue to build a new thatched roof."-- Barbara Lippert

"Took Bill Clinton's phone call."--David Finkle (similarly, Chuck Lawhorn)


"Asked President Clinton for advice on marriage."--Norman Oder

Randy Cohen used to write Slate's "News Quiz." His most recent book—oh, like you don't know.