No. 48: “Hear No Fear”

No. 48: “Hear No Fear”

No. 48: “Hear No Fear”

Testing your knowledge of what happened this week
May 14 1998 3:30 AM

No. 48: “Hear No Fear”

No. 48: "Hear No Fear"

By Randy Cohen


"They don't want to hear about fear and apocalypse. They want a vision of something more positive, but still more realistic." Who does?


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Responses to Monday's question (No. 47)--"Mini-Menace":

Fill in the blank in this recent New York Times headline--
"A Pentagon Report Now Belittles the Menace Posed by _______."


"Unfounded rumors of India's supposed 'nuclear program.' "--Ken Novak

"Pentagon Reports."--Daniel Radosh (Mark Nielsen had a similar answer.)

"Dennis. Report confirmed by Mr. Wilson. Also confirmed by Mr. Blair and Mr. Heath."--Meg Wolitzer (similarly, Nancy Franklin, Patty Marx, Dan Simon, Matthew Singer, Seth Stevenson, and Todd Kaderabek)

"Johnny Reb. $30 million study concludes Civil War effectively 'over.' "--Brian Danenberg


"The Appropriations Committee."--Ben Uri (similarly, Chris Thomas)

"Either Godzilla or a giant asteroid. It's just a movie, folks."--Louis Rice

"Those goddamn kids playing on my lawn."--Floyd Elliot

"A Viagra-crazed Monica 'My Giant' Lewinsky."--Chris Kelly (similarly, Fritz Strohmeyer)


"Cuba. 'We'd thought it was a large, wealthy, industrially advanced country populated by a race of superbeings impervious to our weapons. Sorry.' "--Steven L. Smith

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Randy's Wrap-Up

As many of you know, you have nothing to fear from Cuba. Some more appropriate sources of fear: Indian nuclear testing; Indian kidney thieves; being on the Staten Island Ferry with all the current special prosecutors, who suddenly dash to the same side of the boat to get a glimpse of the Statue of Liberty, swamp the ferry, and send you to a watery grave; Roseanne's new talk show; shirtless comparison photos of the Bush brothers and the Kennedy cousins; joy-riding jet jockeys over the Matterhorn ride at Disneyland; plummeting chunks of Abe Rosenthal's prose. Buckle up.


Pearl of the Antilles Answer



"You say something about yourself by not drinking Coke or Pepsi."--Gary Keimach, vice president, Venture Beverage

"This is not about frustration, anger, exasperation. This is about persistence."--Mike McCurry, White House spokesman

"I think we're in a clash of ideologies right now. That's what this is really all about."--Jim Jannard, founder, Oakley Inc., sunglasses manufacturer

"I certainly never thought they would pay this kind of money."--Larry King, sunglasses wearer

Box Score

hack references over the last five quizzes

Viagra ----------------- 12

Monica Lewinsky ------ 8

My Giant -------------- 5

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