No. 5—“Not Now”

No. 5—“Not Now”

No. 5—“Not Now”

Testing your knowledge of what happened this week
Feb. 28 1998 3:30 AM

No. 5—“Not Now”

No. 5--"Not Now"

By Randy Cohen


Secretary of State Madeleine Albright declared that "this is not the time for ..." something. What?


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Responses to Wednesday's Question (No. 4)--"Cranky?":

According to research at the University of Washington, what does this list indicate: criticism, defensiveness, contempt, stonewalling?


(Hint: nothing to do with inscriptions at Nixon library.)

"This was, of course, the Southern strategy in the Civil War. (P.S. Also the four horsemen of the apocalypse for a marriage.)"--Evan Allen

"First four words of the jingle for The New Laverne and Shirley, replacing " 'shlemiel, shlemazel.' "--Greg Diamond

"That you are about to get unbelievably high approval ratings from polls of the American public."--Frederick H. Bartlett


"According to the marketing people at Mattel, this list includes the 'fantasy play qualities' that little girls might employ when playing with the new 'PMS Barbie.' "--Meg Wolitzer

"They're signs of a failing marriage and, coincidentally, Miss February's biggest turn-ons."--Beth Sherman

"Excerpt from a personal ad written by Kenneth Starr."--Patty Marx (Jon Hotchkiss, Gary Knapp, and David C. De Matte had similar answers.)

"Bulleted items under the 'Strengths' category on Sidney Blumenthal's résumé."--Lou Relleno


"Drinks with someone who works for Condé Nast."--Chris Kelly

"Corporate response to any attempt to remove the Internet Explorer icon from the Win 95 desktop."--Brett Porter (similarly, Fred Graver)

"Elisabeth Kübler-Ross' four stages of corporate management (up Strom Thurmond's ***)."--David Rakoff

"Managing the New York Yankees, 1973-present."--Andrew Milner


"Toddlerhood."--Nicholas Rosen

"The real names of the Spice Girls."--Larry Amaros (similarly, William Torrey)

"The Book of Revelations was right about Henny Youngman--we can see that. So up pops this list now, seeming to foretell of the next big event before Armageddon: the death of Don Rickles."--Bill Franzen

Randy's Wrap-Up:

Many of you recognized the signs of a failing marriage. But of course the ability to recognize something (like a stolen 27-inch color-TV set) does not mean that a person has any direct connection to the thing (like a crumbling marriage, which would probably be much happier if there were a decent television in the house).

No new question until Monday, but in the interim, a practice question. Which of these four does not belong: "Living on Polka Time," "Charles Kurault's Spring," "Blue Moon Swamp," "Run for the Dog Board"? See answer below.*

"Cranky?" Peer-Reviewed, Fully Tenured Answer:

They are indicators of divorce.

Psychologist Dr. John Gottman and his colleagues tracked 130 newlyweds for six years. The successful unions had just one thing in common: "We found that only those newlywed men who are accepting of influence from their wives are winding up in happy, stable marriages," Gottman told Reuters.

(*Practice Answer. The first three are Grammy-winning albums. The fourth is what former Republican Rep. Bill Paxon listed in his retirement speech as one of the things he will never do.)

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