The Web Reaches Into Palm Beach County
The Web Reaches Into Palm Beach County
Tracking politics as it's practiced on the Web.
Nov. 11 2000 1:30 AM

The Web Reaches Into Palm Beach County


Slate, the Industry Standard, and join forces to examine the effect of the Internet on Campaign 2000. 

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"This is an extraordinary moment in American political history," says Gitlin, who signed in part to counter arguments by some in the media that Gore should concede. "My strong feeling was that it was very important to demonstrate there is a very strong current of opinion which is absolutely opposed to doing anything that would short-circuit the legal action, and at the very least, we want to make clear that … sheer, simple, elementary fairness would demand a re-vote in Palm Beach."


Another e-mail directed recipients to a page of, a site operated by Working Assets, a company that provides long-distance, credit card, Internet, and broadcasting services. From that page, viewers could fill out a form to send an e-mail automatically to Clay Roberts, Florida's division of election director, to request a re-vote.

Yet another e-mail urged Democratic voters not to throw in the towel in disgust and instead send another e-mail demanding a re-vote to Florida's secretary of state. Alternatively, the e-mail suggested calling the Federal Election Commission or Florida's Election Commission. And finally, to spread the word: "Send this e-mail to everyone in your e-mail address book."

Ronna Abramson is an Industry Standard staff writer. This article is reprinted from the Industry Standard.

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