By the Numbers, Part 9
By the Numbers, Part 9
Tracking politics as it's practiced on the Web.
Nov. 4 2000 12:00 AM

By the Numbers, Part 9


Slate, the Industry Standard, and join forces to examine the effect of the Internet on Campaign 2000. 

As the presidential race enters its feverish, final stretch, the Internet also has been awash in activity, from the creation and subsequent shutdown of Ralph Nader-Al Gore vote-swapping sites to constant online updates of the latest polling results and endorsements. Once again, a look at the numbers offers a snapshot of the campaign.


1. Number of weeks the Republican National Committee ran ads on the Internet and total impressions: 4, 4.5 million

2. Number of weeks the Democratic National Committee ran ads on the Internet and total impressions: 1, 8 million

3. Number of hits to, a Web site promoting trades between Al Gore and Ralph Nader votes: 429,779

4. Total tossup states listed on NaderTrader: 16

5. Total tossup states listed on 13

6. Number of Nader-Gore vote-trading Web sites: 4

7. Number of additional Nader-Gore vote-trading Web sites that shut down because of legal issues: 3

8. Percentage of Internet population that indicates it plans to vote in the 2000 Election: 88

9. Percentage of Internet population aged 50 and over that indicates it intends to vote: 96.1

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