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Can Sheldon Adelson Turn Nevada Red?

The billionaire changed Israeli politics with a newspaper. Is he having the same luck in Las Vegas?

April 22 2015 10:30 AMThe New Sultan of TurkeyRecep Tayyip Erdogan isn’t satisfied leading a prosperous rising power. He also wants it all to himself.
Oct. 3 2014 3:13 PMHungary at the Turning PointHow Prime Minister Viktor Orban and his populist-right party is slowly destroying his country’s democracy.
Jan. 23 2014 5:34 PMWill Israel and the United States Break Up Over Iran?
Nov. 29 2013 9:45 AMWas Humanitarian Intervention a Passing Fad?In Syria, we have forgotten our promise of “never again.”
Sept. 17 2013 5:20 AMThe Dead Sea Is DyingSinkholes. Habitat destruction. 
Perilously low water levels.
 Can a dying sea be saved?
July 22 2013 5:40 AMWitness for the ProsecutionNearly 40 years after Pol Pot’s Killing Fields, will his henchmen never be punished for murdering 2 million people?
Feb. 3 2015 12:44 PMIsrael’s March SurpriseMyth-busting Israel’s upcoming election. 
Feb. 26 2014 12:14 PMIsrael’s Big GusherForget olive oil. Israel’s offshore drilling is about to make it the Middle East’s next energy exporter.
Jan. 2 2014 7:47 AMAnti-Social MediaWhy Twitter doesn’t make a one-state solution any more likely.
Oct. 9 2013 11:53 PMIsrael’s Other Land GrabThe Palestinians aren’t the only people losing their lands to the Jewish state.
Aug. 6 2013 5:33 PMMr. Rouhani, You’re No GorbachevIran’s new president isn’t the reformer the West hopes he is.