The Alarming Rise in Homelessness Doesn’t Tell the Whole Story

Dec. 6 2017 5:55 AMWho Gets to Live in Fremont, Nebraska?A new Costco plant could save the town—by bringing hundreds of immigrants to the only place in America that passed a law to keep them out.
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Sept. 7 2017 4:54 PMAirports Can Be MarvelsIf you look at them the way a pilot does.
Sept. 7 2017 4:53 PMPlease Step Aside, SirMy medical devices help keep me alive—and subject me to uncomfortable scrutiny every time I pass through airport security.
Aug. 30 2017 3:01 PMHow Can You Stop Cars From Plowing Into Crowds?The sturdy posts called “bollards” are our best defense against the use of vehicles as weapons. They’re also the rare anti-terrorism policy that makes cities more pleasant.
Aug. 28 2017 5:56 PMThe Red Cross Won’t Save HoustonIt has proven itself unequal to the task of massive disaster relief. We need a new kind of humanitarian response.
Aug. 15 2017 3:07 PMEclipse Chasers Are Descending on OregonSmall towns have spent months figuring out how to handle a million extra people—and procure enough toilets.
Aug. 14 2017 5:09 PM“Run Them Down”Driving into crowds of protesters was a right-wing fantasy long before the violence in Charlottesville.
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July 24 2017 6:00 AMThe Invisible Segregation of Diverse NeighborhoodsEven in remarkably integrated towns, like mine, true equality remains elusive.
July 3 2017 10:00 AMDowntown Homeless Shelters Are DisappearingCities are getting pricier. Federal funding is getting scarcer. And Americans who need emergency shelter are suffering the consequences.
Nov. 22 2017 10:16 AMDa Vinci in the DesertAbu Dhabi’s new Louvre is a glimpse of our curated urban future, in which no one sees what the state doesn’t want you to see.
Oct. 18 2017 2:44 PMThe Imaginary AppleA museum exhibition shows off the New York City that designers dreamed up, but which never actually got built.
Sept. 22 2017 4:57 PMPuerto Rico’s Best Hope for Keeping the Lights OnThe indebted island was already eager to hand its electric utility to private owners. Hurricane Maria just made it much more likely.
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Sept. 7 2017 4:56 PMHow We Ruined Airline JobsWorking in aviation has lost its glamor. It happened because the law gave carriers every advantage over their workforces—and because we demanded lower airfare.
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Aug. 31 2017 12:00 PMDon’t Blame Houston’s Lax Zoning for Harvey’s DestructionCities with stringent zoning would have been just as vulnerable to the flood.
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