Low Concept
Low Concept
Dec. 22 2009 9:41 AMThe Disgraced-Public-Figure Holiday Form LetterHow Mark Sanford, Tiger Woods, and other people who've been embarrassed this year should handle their Christmas correspondence.
Dec. 9 2009 10:34 AMFifty-One Gravies To Please Your ManChez Cosmo, Slate's Plates, and seven more restaurants based on magazines. Plus, a reader contest to create your own magazine eatery.
Sept. 14 2009 5:55 PMThe Dan Brown Sequel GeneratorPlug in a city and a sect, and our computer will do the rest.
April 16 2009 6:59 AMIt's a Hitter's BallparkLiveblogging Opening Day at the new Yankee Stadium.
Feb. 12 2009 2:03 PMRoget in LoveWhat happens when there are too many ways to say "I love you."
Feb. 10 2009 3:11 PMDick Cheney RemembersExcerpts from the former vice president's forthcoming memoir.
Nov. 17 2008 2:16 PMDear President ObamaThere are a couple of embarrassing e-mails from my past that I think you should know about.
Oct. 31 2008 4:31 PMHow Hillary WonAnd other unwritten campaign victory stories.
Oct. 16 2008 6:52 PMHis First Name Isn't Joe. He's Not a Licensed Plumber.What else is "Joe the Plumber" hiding from the American people?
Oct. 2 2008 11:04 AMMcCain's Next StuntSlate readers predict the candidate's next Hail Mary.
Sept. 25 2008 1:39 PMFirst Palin, Then Campaign Suspension. What Now?Slate predicts McCain's next 10 Hail Mary stunts.
April 14 2008 12:34 PMDirty Phone Tricks for the Presidential CampaignBeware, some callers have hidden agendas.
March 4 2008 6:24 PMWorst Publishing Week EverA phony Holocaust memoir. A made-up tale of a gangland childhood. What's next?
Feb. 21 2008 5:58 PMThe Encyclopedia BaracktannicaNow with more words and definitions!
Jan. 22 2008 10:48 AMHardballsHow would Chris Matthews sound if he talked to men like he talks to women?
Dec. 9 2009 6:10 PMTiger Woods' Facebook FeedIt's complicated.
Oct. 12 2009 3:11 PMI Enjoy a Good TweetThe cast of Seinfeld expounds on the latest Internet phenomenon.
May 9 2009 7:27 AMThe Yeti Wears PradaThe Abominable Snowman applies to be an editorial assistant at Vogue.
March 11 2009 2:40 PMInvestigate the Investigators!Let's look into these unpatriotic Americans who want to prosecute patriotic Americans.
Feb. 12 2009 6:51 AMRubbing Him the Right WayHow to find the genie of your dreams—and keep him coming back for more.
Nov. 19 2008 5:58 PMBehold the Power of MichelleWhy are there so many powerful Michelles in Washington?
Nov. 4 2008 5:56 PMElection Day's Nine Worst Press ReleasesLa Fresh Travel Towelettes and other products no reporter wants to hear about today.
Oct. 17 2008 10:59 AMThe Barack Obama Crank-Call GeneratorSlate's presidential election soundboards.
Oct. 10 2008 2:51 PMThe Conservative's CanadaWhere can Republicans threaten to move if Obama wins?
Oct. 1 2008 1:25 PMThe Poetry of Sarah PalinRecent works by the Republican vice presidential candidate.
June 17 2008 5:47 PMThe Truth About Barack ObamaRumors the Obama campaign shouldn't try to correct.
March 6 2008 1:29 PMThe Fake Memoirist's Survival GuideHow to embellish your life story without getting caught.
Feb. 15 2008 3:37 PMThe Poetry of Roger ClemensThe Rocket's collected works.
Feb. 14 2008 6:43 PMIt's Not You, It's Me Letter from a young, hip, cynical former Obamamaniac.
Jan. 15 2008 7:45 AMThe Mitchell Report: American Gladiators EditionAn independent investigation into the use of steroids by Titan, Venom, and of course, Laser.