Low Concept
Low Concept
Nov. 18 2011 6:51 PMGreat Moments in Newt HistoryImagining the strategic advice Gingrich has offered over the years.
Nov. 9 2011 7:56 PMCheer Up, BerlusconiVladimir Putin’s sweet attempt to bolster the flagging spirits of his dear Italian friend. 
Sept. 27 2011 11:14 AMThe Joy of UnicornsThe real reason you never see the mythical one-horned beasts.
June 29 2011 12:39 PMYou Can't Measure America's GritHatred of sabermetrics comes to business and politics.
May 10 2011 7:05 AMThe Final EditionEXCLUSIVE: The New York Times shuts down!
May 3 2011 12:51 PMOsama Bin Laden, in Pakistan, in a MansionMatch history's most-notorious fugitives to their evil lairs.
Feb. 11 2011 12:09 PMPosted This Morning on Craigslist, CairoAlso fit, fun, classy.
Jan. 18 2011 7:28 PMThe Story of OWhat if Tom Friedman, Rahm Emanuel, or Helen Thomas wrote that anonymous new novel about Barack Obama?
Dec. 19 2010 8:17 AMBarack Obama's 2010 Holiday CardA rough second year for the first family.
Nov. 5 2010 7:15 AMPlease Allow Me To Correct a Few ThingsImagine if Mick Jagger responded to Keith Richards about his new autobiography.
Oct. 5 2010 10:56 AMThe Facebook Movie Facebook FeedThe making of The Social Network.
July 23 2010 2:59 PMBudget Inception"We can implant it for you, wholesale."
July 9 2010 3:35 PM I Hate Him, Hate Him, Hate Him, Hate HimThe first draft of Cavaliers owner Dan Gilbert's open letter upon LeBron James' departure to Miami.
May 25 2010 6:07 PMTea Party PoemsThe found poetry of Sarah Palin.
May 7 2010 11:20 AMThe Founding MothersAn ode to my matriarchs, every last one.
Nov. 16 2011 8:15 PMBankers Evicted From Nation’s EconomyThe mayor’s statement.
Oct. 28 2011 5:07 PMThe Republican War on Trick-or-TreatingThe right doesn't want our kids to take handouts.
Aug. 30 2011 3:42 PMLizzie Borden, Dancing the Cha Cha ChaDancing With the Stars casts through the ages.
May 10 2011 2:11 PMTackling a Person of InterestWhat to expect from the Secret Service's new Twitter feed.
May 5 2011 6:26 PMCats of WarThe Pentagon's top-secret feline special-operations program, revealed.
March 30 2011 5:12 PM"If I Ran the Team …"We would win every game: A poem for the opening day of baseball season.
Feb. 3 2011 6:11 PMMade in USAAmericans should be proud of their fine domestic tear gas.
Dec. 20 2010 7:04 PMField of GreensThe dreaded broccoli uprising and other freaky GOP nightmares.
Nov. 11 2010 10:22 AMThe Corpse Stays in the PictureAn undead actor shares a lifetime of delicious show business anecdotes.
Oct. 14 2010 2:02 PMHorizontal AcademicsA Slateinvestigation finds more Duke-like sex slides.
Sept. 22 2010 3:57 PM$#*! @SenJeffMerkley SaysOther Twitter feeds that would make excellent primetime programs.
July 20 2010 5:26 PMGod Is Great. Inspire Is Not.Tips for al-Qaida's lame new magazine.
June 4 2010 6:11 PMThe Only Politics Article You'll Ever Have To Read What if political scientists covered the news?
May 14 2010 5:34 PMQuestion TimeAn exclusive preview of Elena Kagan's Supreme Court nomination questionnaire.
April 9 2010 3:11 PMSarah Palin's PlaygroundIf only all political issues were debated in the language of childhood.