Low Concept
Low Concept
Aug. 14 2013 1:49 PMIf the NCAA Ran the CountryHow the college sports business model would fix Hollywood, Wall Street, and every other industry.
July 30 2013 5:14 PMWarGames: Google vs. AppleThe South rises again.
July 30 2013 11:15 AMWarGames: Google vs. AppleBarack Obama finally declares for Google.
July 29 2013 2:27 PMWarGames: Google vs. AppleHow Google can destroy Apple’s Chinese factories in one fell swoop.
July 29 2013 10:07 AMWarGames: Google vs. AppleMaking the world choose between titans.
July 29 2013 5:46 AMWarGames: Google vs. AppleGoogle launches Operation GhostFruit.
July 23 2013 5:49 PMThe Carlos Danger Name GeneratorUse our widget to get a name like Anthony Weiner’s alleged sexting pseudonym.
July 3 2013 5:30 AMThe Snowden IdentityThe movie is inevitable, so we made a trailer.
June 7 2013 2:47 PMThose PRISM Slides Are HideousHere, NSA. We redesigned them for you.
March 7 2013 3:46 PMDark Side of Oz the Great and PowerfulWatching Sam Raimi’s new movie while listening to Pink Floyd.
Jan. 14 2013 3:33 PMPubic Lice in CrisisThe timeline of a crotch catastrophe.
Nov. 9 2012 7:03 AMLessons From the 2012 ElectionWhat we learned about politics from the Obama-Romney race.
Sept. 19 2012 3:55 AMHow Would Mitt Romney Fix the Mitt Romney Campaign?Imagining a Bain Capital takeover.
Aug. 30 2012 1:12 PMWho Is the Republican National Convention’s Mystery Guest?Our best guesses.
July 6 2012 5:16 PMThe Lost Endings to The Great GatsbyFor his masterpiece, Hemingway wrote 47 endings. Fitzgerald wrote 48!
Aug. 2 2013 6:00 PMThe Lost Sexual Harassment CourseTake the online sexual harassment course that San Diego Mayor Bob Filner never had.
July 30 2013 12:03 PMWarGames: Google vs. AppleApple’s stunning final blow.
July 29 2013 3:06 PMWarGames: Google vs. AppleThe Apple Army goes on the offensive—all half million of them.
July 29 2013 1:54 PMWarGames: Google vs. AppleSneak attack on The Dalles.
July 29 2013 9:52 AMWarGames: Google vs. Apple“Steve’s dead. This is war.”
July 29 2013 5:45 AMWarGames: Google vs. AppleIntroducing Slate’s totally imaginary simulation of what would happen if the world’s two great powers went to (actual) war.
July 3 2013 9:40 AMWilliam Shakespeare’s Star WarsThe attack on the Death Star, in blank verse.
June 27 2013 10:39 AMThe One-Second WorkoutA guide to getting fit in literally no time at all.
March 25 2013 5:45 PMThe Two-Minute HaggadahA Passover service for the impatient.
Feb. 19 2013 12:48 PMPax Out!Edicts of a lame-duck pope.
Nov. 13 2012 6:25 PMThe New Disclaimer at the Bottom of CIA EmailsRevised language in the wake of the Petraeus affair.
Oct. 1 2012 5:38 PM“I’ve Barely Prepared for This Debate. Gonna Wing It!”—Mitt RomneyThe race to lower expectations.
Sept. 11 2012 1:30 PMIntroducing the Revolutionary New Apple StoreWe hope you like our remarkable, innovative designs.
July 9 2012 6:40 AMPriority BoardingThe people who get on the plane before you do.
June 8 2012 9:12 AMChaos TheoryA Unified Theory of Muppet Types.