Low Concept
Low Concept
Dec. 19 2014 4:05 PMThe James Flacco Name GeneratorUse our widget to Obamify your name.
Nov. 26 2014 12:57 PMObama’s Thanksgiving AmnestyWill the president’s turkey pardon start a wave of unauthorized poultry immigration?
July 22 2014 12:21 PMThe Victorian Orphan DietAnd other, better alternatives to the Paleo Diet craze.
June 19 2014 7:41 AMThe All-Mackerel DietThink your veganism or paleo diet makes you special? Think again.
May 28 2014 4:43 PMThe Empire Striketh BackAct 1, Scenes 1–2.
March 26 2014 5:33 PMGoop-ify Your Love LifeUse our widget to find out how Gwyneth Paltrow would describe your relationship status.
March 3 2014 7:41 PMGoodnight Snow DaysIt is time for all good children to go back to school.
Feb. 28 2014 5:01 PMKen Cuccinelli’s New Law Firm Will Protect Real Americans Against Everything Imaginable
Jan. 29 2014 8:18 AMGeorge W. Bush’s 2014 State of the Union Viewing PartyThe view from Dubya’s living room.
Jan. 23 2014 4:32 PMThe Political Solar SystemForget the Hillary New York Times Magazine cover.
Jan. 9 2014 12:41 PMThe Chen Guangbiao Business-Card GeneratorNow you can have a card fit for a Chinese billionaire.
Dec. 22 2013 11:38 PMSlate’s Honest Plot Summary ChallengeName the 2013 movie that each plot synopsis describes.
Oct. 27 2013 11:49 PMCould Facebook Fix Healthcare.gov?How about Google, Yahoo, Amazon, or Microsoft?
Oct. 23 2013 8:45 AMThe Best North Korean Photoshop Fails by Slate ReadersYou helped us fake photos of Kim Jong-un. Here are the results.
Oct. 14 2013 4:47 PMLet’s Crowdsource the Next North Korean Photoshop FailWhere will Kim Jong-un show up next? At the VMAs? In Gravity?
Dec. 17 2014 3:34 PMGreat to Hear From You, Harvey!Leaked emails from Hollywood big shots indicate a new trend of politeness and respect.
Nov. 18 2014 3:13 PMWho Said It: Will Smith’s Kids or a Famous Guru?Take the quiz.
July 7 2014 7:04 PMSlate Exclusive: Edward Klein Lunches With His Blood Feud Editor!Or how we imagine such a meeting would go.
June 6 2014 1:26 PMIpswich Middle School Sixth-Graders v. Standardized TestsArne Duncan, pay up!
May 14 2014 11:48 PMUse Our Fast-Food Generator to Build Delicious Items like the Chorizo Maple Syrup Dumpling
March 7 2014 4:59 PMDid You Invent Bitcoin?Take our simple quiz to find out whether you are the mysterious Satoshi Nakamoto.
March 3 2014 4:53 PMThe Adele Dazeem Name GeneratorUse our widget to Travoltify your own name.
Feb. 12 2014 7:26 AMThe Uncle Donnie TreeIf my relationship with my uncle had been the inspiration for Shel Silverstein’s The Giving Tree.
Jan. 28 2014 2:19 PMWhich BuzzFeed Quiz Are You?Let’s be honest, we’re all hoping to get “Which Simpsons Character Are You?”
Jan. 9 2014 5:10 PMWhat Should the Chris Christie Bridge Scandal Be Called?Help us find out by taking our poll.
Jan. 8 2014 12:31 PMBattle of the Weather JokesIt’s cold, but is it Hoth cold or Beyond the Wall cold?
Nov. 5 2013 2:44 PMBoard of Education Inspection Report: Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry“The House Championship has been corrupt for some time.”
Oct. 23 2013 10:30 AMGod’s WorkshopTerrific first draft, but the female characters need some work.
Oct. 22 2013 7:45 AMThe Martian at the ParthenonAmazing images of the real, actual, not make-believe aliens, zombies, and robots that have bedeviled man through history.
Sept. 12 2013 11:21 AMParents Left BehindHow public school reforms are turning American parents into dummies.