Vladimir Putin: His Supporters, His Enemies, His Rise to Power

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Sept. 14 2013 7:15 AM

The Longform Guide to Vladimir Putin

His supporters, his enemies, his rise to power.

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One-on-One With Vladimir Putin
Gayne C. Young • Outdoor Life • May 2011

Putin talks conservation, shirtless photo-ops and U.S.-Russia travel in this interview with a high school English teacher.

“You say that you cannot imagine the U.S. President even allowing himself to be photographed while hunting, or with his shirt off. But I can because I remember pictures of Theodore Roosevelt taken not just with a hunting rifle or a fishing rod in his hands, but with a lion he killed. And indeed, as recently as last summer, President Barack Obama was bathing in the Pacific Ocean in front of TV and photo cameras, and he was not wearing a tie, to put it mildly. Does this look like politically incorrect behavior? Not to me, and my ethnic origin has nothing to do with that.


"It is certainly very important, particularly for the Head of State, to carry oneself in such a way as not to offend or humiliate people’s feelings, in word or deed; however, the society is so rich in various—sometimes mutually exclusive—customs, hobbies and forms of self-expression that it is merely impossible to measure one’s actions against each of them every now and then.”

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