Life And Art
Life And Art

What Are We Most Scared of … Right Now?

On the Friday before Halloween, Slate staffers share their darkest fears.

Nov. 17 2011 1:24 PMA Fiery GospelHow the “Battle Hymn of the Republic” changed America—and the life of the woman who wrote it 150 years ago.
Oct. 8 2010 12:09 PMWhy We Love SecretariatIt's more than his speed.
Sept. 30 2010 6:58 PMFacebook FakeryThe alternate reality of Aaron Sorkin's The Social Network.
July 1 2009 7:38 PMThe Real John DillingerIs Public Enemies historically accurate?
Jan. 12 2009 4:59 PMMy Great-Uncles Tried To Kill HitlerOne family's story of the Valkyrie plot.
May 11 2007 7:16 AMPiracy on the High C'sA new Broadway musical sexes up the life of Grace O'Malley.
Nov. 3 2006 4:57 PMThe Real KazakhstanWhat does Borat get right and wrong about his native land?
Aug. 9 2006 4:31 PMOliver Stone's World Trade Center FictionHow the rescue really happened.
Dec. 23 2005 4:22 PMThe History Behind MunichSeparating truth from fiction in Spielberg's movie.
Oct. 7 2005 1:59 PMSlim PickingsThe real story behind the sports tout in Two for the Money.
Oct. 22 2004 6:54 AMIt's a Shame About RayWhy must biopics sentimentalize their subjects?
June 15 2004 3:33 PMCops & RobbersHow realistic is The Shield's portrayal of life on the force?
Sept. 30 2003 10:59 AMSteve and MeHow accurate a portrayal of journalism is Shattered Glass?
Dec. 29 2000 8:30 PMOctober SkyHow close does Thirteen Days come to telling the true story of the 1962 Cuban Missile Crisis? 
Dec. 23 1999 3:30 AMHot, Dada, and Still DeadMan on the Moon puts a happy face on the life and times of Andy Kaufman.
Nov. 10 2011 1:21 PMInternal AffairsWere J. Edgar Hoover and Clyde Tolson lovers?
Sept. 30 2010 8:13 PMYou Can't Handle the VeritasWhat Aaron Sorkin and David Fincher get wrong about Harvard—and Facebook.
Sept. 24 2010 2:29 PMHow "Howl" Changed the WorldAllen Ginsberg's anguished protest broke all the rules—and encouraged a generation of artists to do the same.
May 21 2009 3:50 PMGaming the Robot RevolutionA military technology expert weighs in on Terminator: Salvation.
Dec. 18 2008 7:26 PMThe Wrestler Is GoodA three-time WWE champion explains what Darren Aronofksy's pro-wrestling movie gets right. 
Dec. 13 2006 3:40 PMThe Lost Baggage of Unaccompanied MinorsCan you mention divorce in a kids' movie?
Sept. 14 2006 4:28 PMDeath Becomes HerExamining the morbid fascination with the Black Dahlia.
April 20 2006 1:14 PMThe Knights TemplarWho were they? And why do we care?
Nov. 9 2005 2:09 PMHow Accurate Is Jarhead?What one Marine makes of the Gulf War movie.
July 15 2005 1:13 PMChocolate WarsThe inspiration for Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.
July 21 2004 5:23 PMIt's Delightful, It's Delicious—It's WrongDe-Lovely allows that Cole Porter was gay, but doesn't tell the whole story.
March 4 2004 6:27 PMA Mirage in the DesertViggo Mortensen's Hidalgo is based on a not-so-true story.
Jan. 10 2003 12:53 PMLove Me Two-TimerWas Benedict Arnold's wife the real traitor?
Aug. 21 2000 9:30 PMTales of Hoffman Steal This Movie! turns Abbie Hoffman into the civil liberties hero he never was. 
Oct. 8 1999 3:30 AMDouble TroubleThe two lives and one murder of Teena Brandon.