Kerryism of the Day.

Kerryism of the Day.

Kerryism of the Day.

The senator's caveats and curlicues.
June 8 2004 9:05 AM

Kerryism of the Day

The senator's caveats and curlicues.

What did he say?
What did he say?

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William Saletan William Saletan

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Kerry: 1 2 3 I think you ought to have a certain amount of time to collect your own recollections, write your own history 4, but I think it's basically the property of the American people, and it ought to fast be put available in a library 5.

Question: By the way, it makes me want to ask, I read—

Kerry: [interjects] 6 7 8 9.

—C-SPAN interview, June 3, 2004, on public access to presidential records

[1] Within a certain number of years

[2] or pretty quickly after you leave the presidency

[4] and so forth

[5] or in some fashion