Kerryism of the Day.

Kerryism of the Day.

Kerryism of the Day.

The senator's caveats and curlicues.
May 20 2004 12:12 PM

Kerryism of the Day

The senator's caveats and curlicues.

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[5] The effort of the president ought to be to try to find ways to

[7] right now

[9] in a sense

Kerry version:
I hope not. I would be against that in the current form. I don't think we need it now, particularly if we did the proper diplomacy. The overall effort of the president right now ought to be really to try to find ways to reduce the overexposure, in a sense, of America's commitments. A proper approach to the Korean Peninsula, for instance, should include the deployment of troops, the unresolved issues of the 1950s, and ultimately, hopefully, could result in a reduction of American presence, ultimately.

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