Why everyone was wrong about McCain-Feingold. ...
Why everyone was wrong about McCain-Feingold. ...
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April 25 2002 3:44 AM

Everyone Was Wrong About McCain-Feingold!

We all missed a giant loophole in the law.

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As Wyly's enemy McCain implicitly acknowledged—before Wellstone's amendment mucked up his bill— that just seems like part of what freedom to speak means.


I hope this clears everything up!

Just in: David Broder's wrong too! In his most recent column he describes McCain-Feingold's effect:

If the Sierra Club or the National Rifle Association or any other interest group wanted to buy ads praising or criticizing a candidate for federal office in the weeks leading up to Election Day, it  … would have to solicit its supporters to make additional gifts ... within the contribution limits.

Not if the interest group wasn't incorporated!

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