The Florida Moth List
The Florida Moth List
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Nov. 16 2000 1:35 AM

The Florida Moth List

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Methodological note: I've included Tribe for his half-baked early op-ed pronouncement (for a critique, click here; search for "Tribe"), not for his role arguing Gore's case in Bush's constitutional challenge to the Florida recounts. Tribe was, after all, asked to represent Gore, so his courtroom role can't be called gratuitous. I also haven't listed Sean Wilentz, Paul Berman, and the 3,042 other  American leading lights who took out expensive ads in the New York Times to express hysterical concern about Palm Beach County. I assume they were motivated by a sincere, patriotic interest, not a self-promotional one. Their expression, too, wasn't gratuitous. They just made total asses of themselves.

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