Get Your Instant Lieberman CW Here!
Get Your Instant Lieberman CW Here!
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Aug. 7 2000 2:01 PM

Get Your Instant Lieberman CW Here!

[ Kausfileswill have to stop getting its vice-presidential tips from the counter man at the all-night deli across the street. He seemed to know so much! ... In retrospect, we probably should never have switched from the dry-cleaning guy. ... To save face, we offer this Instant CW on Joe Lieberman--a valid point that's obvious enough to be quickly adopted as conventional wisdom (CW) by virtually the entire press corps.]


Instant CW No. 1: Clinton fatigue is real. Gore has now formally acknowledged that the Clinton scandals, a k a "Clinton fatigue," are hurting him. Lieberman's unique selling proposition, after all, is that he criticized Clinton over Flytrap. Why would Gore deploy a weapon against a danger that doesn't exist? Indeed, various anonymous Gore aides (and Sen. John Breaux) have been helpfully noting to reporters that Lieberman will help Gore "distance" himself from the president. So let's have no more arguments from Clinton sympathizers about how Clinton fatigue is a "myth." Sean Wilentz  and Harold Evans, this means you!

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