Escambia County Sheriff David Morgan: His bizarre defense of the shooting of Roy Middleton.

A Florida Sheriff’s Bizarre Defense of His Force’s Abusive Police Conduct

A Florida Sheriff’s Bizarre Defense of His Force’s Abusive Police Conduct

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Aug. 15 2013 5:49 PM

David Morgan Is Wrong, Terribly Wrong

Two Florida cops shot an innocent, unarmed man in his own driveway. And then their sheriff started talking.

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The substance of Morgan’s argument is that the community must "address statistics for what they are and not inject race." Then he proceeds to inject race. And then he does it again.

Let’s go to the tape. Morgan says he is upset at the apparent "lack of race relations" in the county. In Morgan’s telling, he has made a “concerted effort to reach across the racial divide” and he believed he had built some bridges and was appalled at recent events. So far so good. But then he “extends the hand of friendship” and seeks to start a “national dialogue” based on “statistical data and the truth.”

Roy Middleton
Roy Middleton is recovering from injuries after being shot.

Photo by Kevin Robinson/Pensacola News Journal/, Copyright 2013.

Morgan says that he is “hobbled by the law” and complains that he is unable to defend the actions of the Escambia County Sheriff’s Office (which he is presumably now doing) because of pending investigations into the misconduct of his officers—a situation he likens, weirdly, to “allowing a deputy to handcuff you and beat you because you can’t defend yourself.” This is of course not far from what his officers allegedly did to the actual victims in these incidents, and comparing what the media is doing to Sherriff Morgan, to what law enforcement officers did to their unarmed victims is so fatuous, it makes you want to weep.  He seems to have no notion of the distinction between police violence and media criticism.


But that’s not all. It’s at this point that Morgan pivots to argue that to achieve a real national dialogue on race, “those of you in the white community must overcome your fear of being labeled a racist. Because that’s what we all fear in trying to open a dialogue with minority communities. It’s when we enter that first juncture of the disagreement we will be called a racist.  Anybody want that label?” 

Then Morgan loftily adds that we “must address those statistics for what they are, and not inject race,” adding, “Last night we had four black male teenagers attacked a 77-year-old white man. Where was the public outrage in that?” He cites another attack in which “two black males and one black female brutally attacked a white female ... beat her to death with a hammer and crowbar . . . where is the public outrage in that?”  Then he cites another execution-style murder by an armed black male against a white male.  Plus graphic crime scene details. None of these cases involves the police. They’re just examples of vicious black-on-white crimes that presumably justify—what, exactly? Police brutality? Racial profiling? More warrantless searches? Morgan never exactly tells us what we are meant to conclude from all these allegedly neutral “statistics,” but it’s certainly implied: The real racism in America is in fact directed at white people who are not allowed to defend themselves from being called racists whenever they act like racists.

It’s not easy to be a cop in Florida today, making split-second decisions about who is carrying a gun at 2:40 in the morning, especially in light of the fact that at the rate we are going, you’d be insane not to carry a gun at 2:40 in the morning. Nobody really doubts that law enforcement will only become more brutal and violent to accommodate the brutality and violence of our legal rules. But that isn’t what’s actually bothering Sheriff David Morgan this week. What bothers him is that Americans are still capable of outrage when innocent people are brutalized in their homes by his police officers. What should bother the rest of us is that he is not.