Eight Is Not Enough

Senate Republicans believe the Supreme Court will be just fine permanently operating one justice down. Here’s how John Roberts can talk sense into them.

Oct. 25 2016 1:21 PMNo More Bush v. GoreThe Supreme Court will never be able to settle another presidential election. That’s a bad thing!
Oct. 20 2016 6:53 PMWorse Than TrumpThe GOP’s Merrick Garland blockade is more disastrous for democracy than anything Donald Trump will do after Election Day.
Oct. 17 2016 5:45 PMThe GOP Created the “Rigged Vote” MythNow the party is trying to hide from it.
Oct. 14 2016 11:49 AMAre Trump’s Boasts About Sexual Assault a Legal Admission of Wrongdoing?Reprehensible, but not actionable.
Oct. 11 2016 4:23 PMRuth Bader Ginsburg Was Never Really “Notorious RBG”Her attacks on Colin Kaepernick dispel that myth once and for all.
Oct. 10 2016 5:50 AMNo Dreadlocks for YouWhy banning dreads at work isn’t racially discriminatory, even if it should be illegal.
Oct. 7 2016 3:10 PMGuns Are Killing St. LouisThe presidential debate is being held a few miles from America’s deadliest neighborhoods.
Oct. 6 2016 3:22 PMAlabama’s Failure of Moral TurpitudeIts felony disenfranchisement scheme is grossly unconstitutional and racially biased.
Oct. 4 2016 5:54 AMMike Pence Is a Coward and an ExtremistHe’s the perfect face of the GOP.
Sept. 30 2016 2:03 PMMassachusetts’ Drug ProblemTwin scandals have tainted as many as 42,000 state convictions. The only thing to do is to exonerate everyone.
Sept. 27 2016 10:45 AMTexas Prisons Banned My Book About Texas PrisonersThe Texas Department of Criminal Justice’s literary censorship policy is a national disgrace.
Sept. 23 2016 5:58 AMVoters Want Hillary Clinton to be the Grown-UpWhy she can’t stoop to Donald Trump’s level at the debates.
Sept. 22 2016 7:00 AMParking While BlackThe courts are about to decide if police have another legal method for harassing black citizens.
Sept. 16 2016 4:41 PMProsecuting Wells Fargo Executives Won’t Solve AnythingI know. I helped prosecute the executives at the center of Enron.
Sept. 14 2016 4:17 PM“Martyrs of the Struggle for Equality”A 94-year-old federal judge defends voting rights in a fiery, impassioned, historic dissent.
Oct. 21 2016 5:57 AMCan You Carry a Gun to a Polling Place?As Trump riles up his supporters, a look at what constitutes illegal voter intimidation.
Oct. 19 2016 6:49 PMSCOTUS Above All ElseSen. John McCain’s recent comments reveal how the Republican Party’s Supreme Court strategy is backfiring.
Oct. 17 2016 5:21 PMVoter FraudIt would be literally insane to try to steal an election in the way Donald Trump is alleging.
Oct. 12 2016 5:45 AMPennsylvania’s ShamePoorly trained police. Underpaid defense attorneys. No support for the wrongly convicted. How did the state’s criminal justice system fail so profoundly?
Oct. 10 2016 1:20 PMExtended SentenceThe formerly incarcerated are facing crippling prison debt when they get out, and it needs to stop.
Oct. 8 2016 6:49 PMThe Real Donald TrumpRepublicans who tried to pretend for months his vile misogyny was just an act can no longer hide from the truth.
Oct. 6 2016 5:56 PMIrreparable HarmThe Supreme Court just heard a case that proves how broken the death penalty is.
Oct. 4 2016 4:44 PM“Tim Kaine Defended HimThe GOP’s dangerous, toxic, and horrifying attacks on the Constitution.
Sept. 30 2016 4:49 PMThe Trial of Roy MooreCan Alabama finally move on from a decade of controversy brewed by one man’s hate?
Sept. 28 2016 9:15 AM“I Wanted to Dramatize the Racist Attitude of the Majority”An interview with 94-year-old Judge Damon Keith, author of the most important voting rights dissent in recent history.
Sept. 23 2016 1:30 PMStanding TallThe Sioux’s battle against a Dakota oil pipeline is a galvanizing social justice movement for Native Americans.
Sept. 22 2016 11:30 AMWhen Second Amendment Rights Need DefendingLiberals are failing immigrants, medical marijuana users, and the disabled on gun rights.
Sept. 20 2016 3:59 PMState-Sponsored ChristianityA federal appeals court just told religious minorities to stop being so whiny.
Sept. 15 2016 9:55 PMHow Trump Gets Away With ItWhy his countless legal scandals don’t stick.
Sept. 8 2016 6:16 PMWhy Donald Trump and Pam Bondi Probably Won’t Face a Corruption InvestigationThe Supreme Court’s McDonnell decision seems to have put a chill on prosecutors.