Sessions’ Firing of McCabe Violated His Promise to Recuse

March 17 2018 12:26 AMThe Only Relevant Known Fact About McCabe’s Firing Is That He Is a Key Witness Against Trump
March 16 2018 9:00 AMJeff Sessions Doesn’t Care About the First AmendmentTexas tried to ban criticism of its anti–sanctuary cities law. The DOJ did nothing to stop it.
March 15 2018 1:11 PMTrump’s Unlawful Policy of Detaining Asylum Seekers Without Parole
March 14 2018 11:02 AMHow Jeff Sessions Is Sneaking Trump Allies Into Key DOJ Positions That Normally Require Senate Confirmation
March 13 2018 7:28 PMDreaming of an Empty SeatAnthony Kennedy’s possible retirement from the Supreme Court is the only thing keeping Republicans’ hopes alive.
March 12 2018 11:50 PMGood Riddance to the Craven, Dishonest, Deeply Stupid House Russia Investigation
March 12 2018 1:31 PMMueller’s Choice of Criminal Charges: Why the Trump Team Should Be Very Worried
March 9 2018 5:01 PMPutin’s Story About Russian Interference in 2016 Sounds an Awful Lot Like Trump’s
March 8 2018 2:28 PMTrump’s Promise of a Waiver System for His Muslim Ban Is a LieIt’s a mere pretext being used to manipulate the courts.
March 7 2018 7:40 PMThe Stormy Daniels Lawsuit Is Convoluted to the Point of ParadoxAre we in an adaptation of the film Inception?
March 6 2018 6:20 PMLife and LimbAlabama tortured a death row inmate during a botched execution. Now they want a chance to do it again.
March 6 2018 12:09 PMAll Is Not ClearWhat John Kelly’s new security clearance policy actually means in practice.
March 2 2018 6:45 PMTrump’s Due ProcessThe president understands the words to mean protections for his white guy buddies.
March 2 2018 5:34 PMTrans Rights on the MarchThis was likely the best week for gender minorities since Trump took office.
March 1 2018 4:34 PMLaw and Order: DinosaursTrump picked a mass-incarceration advocate obsessed with “black-on-black” crime for a job setting federal sentences.
March 16 2018 7:05 PMFake News Goes to CourtWill Fox News and Alex Jones have to pay for pushing bogus stories about real people?
March 15 2018 6:55 PMA Legal Screw-Up by Michael Cohen Should Give Stormy Daniels the Right to Tell Her Story
March 14 2018 5:47 PMPhiladelphia’s New Top Prosecutor Is Rolling Out Wild, Unprecedented Criminal Justice Reforms
March 13 2018 7:51 PMThe New CIA Director Would Be Proud of the 9/11 Prosecution’s Orwellian Attempts to Cover Up Torture
March 13 2018 7:11 PMDomestic Abuse Victims Need Not ApplyJeff Sessions looks poised to bar some of the world’s most vulnerable women from getting asylum in America.
March 12 2018 6:57 PMThe NRA’s Long Game on Long GunsThe group’s lawsuit against Florida’s new gun restrictions will probably fail, but it’s already served its purpose.
March 10 2018 1:56 PMIf Michael Cohen Is Telling the Truth About His Stormy Daniels Payment, He Could Be Disbarred
March 9 2018 2:50 PMThe Post-Election Mystery of Carter Page
March 7 2018 8:02 PMSanctuary SillinessWhy Jeff Sessions’ outlandish new lawsuit against California is likely doomed.
March 6 2018 6:57 PMThe Elmo AntidoteSonia Sotomayor’s message of empathy, listening, and compromise is what we need.
March 6 2018 4:22 PMConceal-Carrying the DayWe debated arming more people in the 1920s as a solution to gun violence. The idea lost then, but it’s winning now.
March 5 2018 6:15 PMUnfavorable PrecedentThe jurisprudential arguments against obstruction of justice charges for Trump all fall apart.
March 2 2018 5:53 PML’Affaire KushnerA series of revelations about the White House princeling have added further credence to the key claim of the Steele dossier.
March 2 2018 11:41 AMGeorgia Violated Delta’s First Amendment RightsIf corporations are people, the airline has a free speech case against the state over its stance against the NRA.
March 1 2018 3:29 PMThe New Nugget Hidden in the Schiff MemoRussia told a member of the Trump campaign it could help broadcast stolen Hillary emails.