Trump’s Dred Scott

In a case about the abortion rights of undocumented minors, the Department of Justice evokes the worst Supreme Court decision of all time.

Oct. 19 2017 1:41 PMA “Momentous” Supreme Court Term?Read what the ACLU’s national legal director told Slate’s Amicus podcast about the high court’s fall term.
Oct. 18 2017 5:06 PMFeud: Elena and NeilWhy rumors of a Gorsuch–Kagan clash at the Supreme Court are such a bombshell.
Oct. 17 2017 10:45 PMCan You Bring a Gun to a Protest?An obscure and centuries-old law is allowing some municipalities to answer that question with a resounding “no.”
Oct. 13 2017 6:32 PMThe Obtuse SaboteurTrump’s plan to kill Obamacare isn’t just reckless—it’s illegal, and likely to fail in the courts.
Oct. 12 2017 5:49 PMLawyers vs. White SupremacistsCan the organizers of the Unite the Right rally be held responsible for the violence in Charlottesville?
Oct. 10 2017 6:57 PMBut Their EmailsDo Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump’s private email accounts violate the Presidential Records Act?
Oct. 9 2017 11:00 AMCompelled AssociationIf the Supreme Court thinks nonmembers can’t be compelled to pay union fees, then unions can’t be compelled to represent nonmembers.
Oct. 6 2017 5:44 PMOur Bodies, Their ChoiceThe Trump administration just gave religious employers the right to control female workers’ reproductive health.
Oct. 5 2017 5:12 PMBloody HellerThe Supreme Court created a gun rights crisis it’s unwilling to solve.
Oct. 4 2017 4:00 PMPartisan Gerrymandering Got the Sotomayor TreatmentThe justice has a knack for crafting simple, devastating questions. She was at her best in Gill v. Whitford.
Oct. 2 2017 8:04 PMThe Perfect Redistricting CaseAnthony Kennedy said he needed to see a particular set of facts to kill partisan gerrymandering. Gill v. Whitford has them all.
Sept. 29 2017 12:00 AMFighting an Oncoming TrainWhat it’s like for death row defense attorneys who fail to save their clients.
Sept. 28 2017 12:05 PMSolidarity’s EndNeil Gorsuch is giving conservatives the chance to virtually destroy American unions.
Sept. 27 2017 2:25 PMLike President, Like JusticeNeil Gorsuch just showed his commitment to racial equality is about as strong as Trump’s.
Sept. 26 2017 5:22 PMThe Ugliest Line in Trump’s NFL AttackIt wasn’t what you think.
Oct. 18 2017 7:02 PMWould $1 Million in Hot Dogs Violate the Emoluments Clause?A delicious hypothetical at oral arguments in an anti-Trump lawsuit.
Oct. 18 2017 2:12 PMJudges vs. BureaucratsWho should defer to whom?
Oct. 17 2017 7:02 PMWho’s to Blame for America’s Sexual Harassment Nightmare?The Supreme Court, for one.
Oct. 13 2017 1:08 PMTwo Guns Per PersonA simple, constitutional proposal that protects both Americans’ lives and liberty.
Oct. 11 2017 6:57 PMThey Had the Goods on HimManhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance needs a better explanation for why he didn’t charge Harvey Weinstein.
Oct. 10 2017 5:53 PMAn Even More Insidious Kind of GerrymanderingIn North Carolina, Republicans want to use redistricting to kick Democrats off the courts.
Oct. 9 2017 7:30 AMUnimaginable CrueltyPresident Trump stripped thousands of young people the opportunity to flee gang violence and rejoin family in the United States.
Oct. 5 2017 6:27 PMThe Civil Rights AxUnder Trump and Sessions, the Department of Justice has recast itself as LGBTQ Americans’ staunchest opponent.
Oct. 4 2017 5:21 PMThe Justices Have Questions About How to Fix Partisan GerrymanderingHere’s everything they need to know.
Oct. 3 2017 11:38 AMSessions the CensorThe attorney general says he values free speech. In 1996, he tried to stop LGBTQ students from meeting at a public university.
Sept. 29 2017 1:16 PMThe Eggshell Attorney GeneralJeff Sessions wants a First Amendment that celebrates robust criticism of everyone but himself.
Sept. 28 2017 2:24 PMThe Fight for $7.25The Supreme Court is poised to deal a devastating blow to minimum wage workers.
Sept. 27 2017 5:04 PMSlow and Steady, Bobby Three SticksWhy Robert Mueller’s methodical pace should comfort Americans desperate for Trump’s departure.
Sept. 26 2017 7:43 PMDepartment of WackadoodleThe DOJ’s new anti-gay legal posture just got shut down in federal court.
Sept. 26 2017 3:01 PMTravel Ban 3.0 Could WorkTrump finally achieved a patina of legalism in his new travel ban to cover the bigotry.